About The Magister

Anetho Dawnpride is the fictional character existing within Blizzard’s World of Warcraft MMO, on the RP realm Moon Guard. He has developed over the course of over seven years, and has driven no scarce amount of plots.

Entailed on this blog are his latest exploits, begining with the very start of Pandaria, with some reflections and stories reminiscent of his days during Burning Crusade and even prior to that. You may even find a few from the Dominion of the Sun site, and my super secret facebook story page. But don’t tell anyone I told you. I imagine you want to know more about the character than his real life alter-ego… So without further delay

Lively, lucious flowing blonde hair trails behind this youthful Sin’dorei male, like a cape. His eyes are a bright and intoxicating fel green. His face is flawless and beautiful, with no visible scars or disfigurement. An immaculate, gentle and inviting smile often plays at his tempting lips. His teeth are pearly white, and his canines look slightly extended with fanged tips. His voice is charming, youthful, and rings with the subtle tones of confidence and poetic charisma. He stands tall, carrying himself proudly; He is fairly muscular, unlike the typical stereotypical spellweaver. Broad shoulders, defined biceps and triceps, and a faintly visible set of abdominal muscles further add to his image of Elven perfection.

He often wears bulky robes to conceal both the satchel with multiple cutting implements within as well as the wand he often keeps in his right sleeve, and to offer the illusion of frailty as is the stereotype of those of magical fields. He almost always has a rose visible on his robes, unless wearing his Horde emblazoned attire.

Anetho is a very difficult person to understand. To the point that sometimes, even he cannot predict the outcome of his own actions. Though this makes him far from careless, or simple minded. Many of those who’ve had the misfortune to make enemies with the Magister, know him as a cunning, malicious, and manipulative opponent. If he’s not pulling political strings, then he’s dancing the flows of mana as though his own marionnette.

Anetho is meticulous in his plans, thinking months (and in the case of the Twilight’s Hammer, years) in advance. Setting the stage in his advantage. Gathering every scrap of available information. He favors numerical superiority, and shock and awe tactics. Often playing mind games with his enemies to bait them in, before unleashing his colleagues, and hired hands upon them, while he observes with a smile.

Though, to those who know him as a freind, or even as one of his many lovers; He can be kind and compassionate. Optimistic and energetic. Very prone to impulsive decisions, as was demonstrated by his first marriage, conducted swiftly in the very same hour he proposed to Adrya Darksun. Mischief, isn’t very uncommon in his dealings either. Be it ripping individuals from their present locale to his side through the use of compulsary teleportation spells, or simply sending an illusion in his stead to phase harmlessly through people or objects.

His sense of justice is flawed, at best. Often it suits the needs of Silvermoon City, and those of his own personal desires. He will sometimes blatantly contradict prior actions, simply to advance whatever endeavor he is currently entangled. He is however, dedicated and loyal to those who’ve come to stand at his side. Never one to deny them anything, and overly quick to please, it could be said that he is in fact, the one you’d wish to introduce to your family for dinner.

(He is built to epitomize the Byronic Villain trope, often clashing with himself despite whatever gains he’s made in life, in short. Even with his recent strides towards a ‘new life’.)


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