His Legacy – Tomorrow

“The Journal of Anetho L. Dawnpride” She flipped a few pages, occasionally stopping to look over a few sketches or crude drawings of individuals portrayed in comedic fashion before coming upon the page preceding a plethora of blank papers. Those glossy green eyes slowly took in what little she could garner from it, minimal as her education was.

32nd Sun of Spring,

Today I prepare myself for death. The fear I am experiencing at this moment is incomparable. Even the unease I first experienced with the revelation the Twilight’s Hammer had amassed an army with Neltharion at their backs is nothing to this sense of dread; The worry of that which I do not pretend to know or understand. True enough, I hold to the story that I’ve died before – several times over – though I’ve returned from that precipice of endless darkness.

I know not if I’ll linger within it forever, or if perhaps I’ll know an existence beyond it. A myriad of questions clings to me; Will I be sentient? Will I retain my memories? Is reincarnation the truth of things, or will it be an absence of all things as I often imagine it to be? In truth, this is what I fear the most. A raging inferno of endless torment would be preferable in my opinion.

Even still, there is nothing to be done of it. Even could I stem the stigma within this mortal coil, the city-state would see my head roll down the streets; or more poetically, my body dangled from a noose. Even could I manage to circumnavigate the ever watchful eyes of the Magistrate for so long a period of time, a natural death comes to claim each and every one of us without exception.

This was my gift to you, in the aftermath of my insanity; whether in success or in failure. That you should know whom Anetho Dawnpride was, and more importantly, learn from his experiences to better yourself in hopes that in your lifetime, you are not subject to his mistakes, and in turn, he is not forgotten.

You are my living legacy, my hopes, prayers and dreams. Yours is the life I could never have. Yours is the promise of something better. You, as no other before, are the single most precious thing in my life… My most wonderful treasure. My opportunity for peace incarnate. Always remember, you’ve a right to happiness too, with no further obligations to me.

All that you are, and can ever be, is reward enough knowing that you have the freedom to pursue life as you will, rather than to live bound to a linear destiny of your own making; spared the path of blood and fury. As a father to his daughter: Make the most of this life I have provided in my wake. Know you only comforts and luxuries. Want for nothing and live upon your heart’s whimsies.

And should any small part of you recollect anything of your forebearer, let it be only of those scarce days in which only kindness and calm drove his action. Kindle only the love buried so deep within his heart that he was forced to hatred and deceit. Walk the world over, and rejoice – for yours is a story like the pages to follow; Awaiting your eager hand to fill in those blank pages promising the future.

I love you, as I love all my daughters; Both those of blood and those of circumstance. It is my hope that you should look into the mirror and see yourself in ways that I could never look upon myself.

I go now to fetch my due, it has been quite long enough.

“F-feh-chuh.” She sounded out the last few words, before looking to the box the corpse, Nostricus, had given her. She opened it and looked over an intricate little mirror, snakes twisting along the sides and striking at a tree atop the design. The golden trinket looked worn, chips of gold faded and missing. The glass seemed as if water it was so clear and pristine – and as if something stirred deep within. Her eyes fell upon it, her image warping to reveal another behind her, setting it’s hands upon her shoulders. She felt unsettled, because not only could she see it – she could feel it.

The images twisted, as it seemed to rip the immediate imagery apart in favor of incomprehensible images warping so quickly the eye could not hope to pick out every single detail. A sword. A mask. A rose. She could not look away, despite trying to so desperately – filled with a fear of the unknown and immediate sensations overtaking her. For every scene racing across the mirror’s surface – it seemed to rip it’s way through her mind. Voices screaming just beneath her skull, memories not rightly her own, and pain. An undeniable pain shooting across her head. She held a hand to her temples, hoping to alleviate it.

Even still, she could not pull herself away – She found herself comprehending the situation with surprisingly more ease than before this process started; She knew what this mirror was, though she’d never seen it before. She knew this man, and all he’d beholden though she had only been privy to his company but four times. She knew of love, loss, and undeniable fury. A life’s journey in the span of seconds. What felt like eternity to her, settled at last into the image of the woman. The man behind her smiling in a cynical manner, brilliant red hair flowing as if in a breeze.

His face twisted and contorted until he looked exactly like she did. It looked as if a twin was behind her now, massaging her shoulders gently, whispering into her ear. She heard every word.

…You’re free now…


~ by anethodawnpride on September 29, 2014.

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