His Legacy – A Parting Gift

“Despite their best efforts, and my own, we cannot withold his will any longer, nor the holdings it entails. The law is strict, and if we attempt to work around it out of spite, then we’re no better than the owner.” The Magistrix sighed, breaking the seal of the binding documents. “If nothing else, we’ll have a good laugh.” Felorian replied, though his tone was devoid of much humor. “I certainly shall.” Another Magister piped up in a cynical and satisfied manner. Liliene cleared her throat. “If we could proceed -without- the chastising side show?” She unrolled the parchment and cleared her throat, reading aloud that which was penned upon it – all at once a myriad of memories assaulting her, and several others gathered therein. “The Last Will and Testament of Anetho Luem’Ray Dawnpride….”

“I am neither Alpha, nor Omega. I am not the beginning, nor am I the end. I am only the apex of that which exists. Endless possibility within endless possibilities.” The Magister took another sip of his scotch, still regarding the defensive Magistrix Te’Athas with a neutral expression and tone. “I am in all things, and I am nothingness. That which assumes no form-” His figure began to fluctuate, as did his voice until he was a perfect visage of the Magistrix. “…May lay claim to any….” Again it shifted and distorted, appearing as Kuvasei Duskflame. “…Reality is not defined by conjecture or the laws conceived by men – reality is transient and intangible… Changeless and yet…” Once more, he took another identity – this time the deceased Magister Duskwither. “…Ever changing.”

“Never have I regretted any one thing as much as I do entrusting that tome of illusionary magicks to you when I did, Dawnpride.” Slowly the twisting mass of faces and voices fell into the familiar shape of Anetho Dawnpride once more. “Never have I been more thankful for any one mistake on your part. Without the insight of what many consider children’s parlor tricks and caltrops, I have found enlightenment within.” She scowled at him. “Because you can change how reality appears, does not mean that you can play god. Even if you convince the eyes of others, you will still only ever see what it was – and that which it will always be.” He threw the glass in her direction, now frowning at her as it shattered against the wall. She didn’t so much as flinch. “The world doesn’t vanish simply because you over indulge in fantasy, Anetho.”

Last Will and Testament of Anetho Luem’Ray Dawnpride

I, Anetho L. Dawnpride, of 235 Dawning Lane, Silvermoon City, Quel’Thalas, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament, hereby expressly revoking all wills and codicils heretofore made by me.


I direct my Executor to pay my judicially enforceable debts, funeral expenses and the administrative expenses of my estate as soon after my death as practicable. Further, I direct that all estate and inheritance taxes and other taxes in the general nature thereof (together with any interest or penalty thereon), which shall become payable upon or by reason of my death with respect to any property passing by or under the terms of this Will or any codicil to it hereafter executed by me, or with respect to the proceeds of any life insurance policy or policies, or with respect to any other property (including property over which I have a taxable power of appointment) included in my gross estate for the purpose of such taxes, shall be paid by my Executor out of the principal of my residuary estate, and I direct that no part of any such taxes be charged against or collected from the person receiving or in possession of the property taxed, or receiving the benefit thereof, it being my intention that all such persons, legatees, devisees, surviving tenant by the entirety, appointees and beneficiaries receive full benefits without any diminution on account of such taxes.

The young woman accompanying Felorian looked curiously at the stern expressions of everyone gathered as the Red Magister’s worldly possessions were at last named and given away. Her thumb trailed to her mouth whereupon she suckled at it like a child would. Felorian gave her a gentle pat upon the head, before guiding her hand away in favor of a wrapped hard candy produced from nowhere. She smiled and gleefully accepted as the Magistrix continued on. “…Article Two, I do give and bequeath to my…” She paused a moment, observing the several rather crude alterations and edits Anetho had made, many straying outside the lines or penned overtop other words. “…Apprentice…Astoreth….”

Nostricus leered at Anetho as he lingered in that dreamlike trance. “Who is Kuvasei?” He asked of idle curiosity. “…The woman I’d have married, would that circumstances had allowed. Kuvasei was to me as your craft is to you – my everything.” The Forsaken hypnotist simply shook his head. “Your lover?” The Magister’s eyes fluttered open and he whispered; “So much more…” The cadaver consulted the pocket watch dangling to and fro. The hands never moved, and much like the heart of it’s owner, nor would it ever. “However, I woke from that dream some time ago.” Anetho sat upright, rubbing at his temples. Nostricus set his quill down and closed the notebook over it before returning the time piece to the Magister. “The Magistrix still haunts your waking nightmares?” He inquired of idle curiosity.

“No.” Anetho replied frankly. “I do.”


I do give and bequeath to my colleague, friend, benefactor, Apprentice Astoreth Duskflame-Firewing, all my personal effects and all my tangible personal property, including artifacts owned by myself to be considered lesser in nature held for my personal use at the time of my death, and documentation regarding indentured servitors,  but excluding coin on hand in bank accounts in my own name, or securities, choses in action or other intangibles; Save for such objects specifically labelled herein, and such possessions beyond the legal protection of the city-state.

In the event my apprentice shall not survive me, then I give and bequeath all such tangible personal property, to include the collection of magical artifacts declared, to my  colleagues comrades allies beneficiaries , solely named Westel Firewing, Jaedn Scrywind, Kuvasei Duskflame, Nostricus Dreamscythe and Malathane Loreguide to be divided among them as they may agree. If any dispute shall arise among my beneficiaries regarding the division of such property, my Executor shall have the power to make a final and binding determination as to the distribution of such property.

Exceptions herein are novelties are stated thusly: An Introduction To Illusion; Children’s Edition, Chronomancy: A Theorum, Bronze Conjecture, and all related materials, tomes, novels or other grimoires of magical appurtenance shall be tendered to Felorian Leviticus, my Executor. The contents of the jewelry box upon my nightstand go to Malathane Lorebinder. Westel Firewing is entitled to any and all firearms I’ve accrued to a total of six within my Eversong Estate. Jaedn Scrywind shall have whatever personal grimoires on felcraft and sorcery deemed acceptable within the eyes of the law located beneath my bed within the very same estate.  Felorian Leviticus shall have the inert Scrying Orb atop my fireplace mantle.

Jaedn pulled her lips from Anetho’s in disgust. He smirked down at her, mouth still blistered and burnt where she’d been channelling a felfire spell. “…What?” He asked in a very hoarse and raspy voice, still leaning heavily on cynicism to blot out the pain. “Pig.” She replied, trying to wrench herself from his grasp. “You asked what I wanted, and I’ve shown you.” To this, her expression could only grow even more sour that it already was. “Do it again and I’ll burn you.” The Magister’s grin grew wider. “You already have.”

“What do you want? Really? Either tell me, or release me.” His lips pulled into a straight line before he let her go entirely, taking a step back to press a freshly christened healthstone into his mouth whereupon he chewed it over a moment before swallowing – in a renewed voice he replied. “I want everything. The wealth of power, the power of a life, the life of wealth.” She was increasingly irritated with his riddles. “If you won’t give me a straight answer…” She threatened to leave; Anetho simply shook his head, spinning on a heel to march out of the Row instead. “…I don’t expect you to understand.”


If my apprentice Astoreth Duskflame-Firewing shall survive me, I give, devise and bequeath to my  Apprentice coin, securities or other property of my estate (undiminished by any estate, inheritance, succession, death or similar taxes) having a value equal to the maximum deduction as finally determined in my magisterial estate tax proceedings, less the aggregate amount of deductions, if any, allowed for such tax purposes by reason of property or interests in property passing or which have passed to my apprentice otherwise than pursuant to the provisions of this Article; provided, however, the amount of this bequest shall be reduced by the amount, if any, needed to increase my taxable estate (for magisterial estate tax purposes) to the largest amount that, after allowing for the unified credit against the magisterial estate tax, and the state death tax credit against such tax” (but only to the extent that the use of such state death tax credit does not increase the death tax payable to any state), will not result in an estate tax being imposed on my estate. The term “maximum magisterial deduction” shall not be construed as a direction by me to exercise any election respecting the deduction of estate administration expenses, the determination of the estate tax valuation date, or any other tax election which may be available under any tax laws, only in such manner as will result in a larger allowable estate tax magisterial deduction than if the contrary election had been made. My apprentice shall have the sole discretion to select the assets which shall constitute this bequest. In no event, however, shall there be included in this bequest any asset or the proceeds of any asset which will not qualify for the magisterial estate tax deduction, and this bequest shall be reduced to the extent that it cannot be created with such qualifying assets. My Executor shall value any assets selected by my apprentice for distribution in kind as a part of this bequest at the value of such asset at the date of distribution of such assets.

“Just as I’ve not come to stand where I do today without the many behind me, nor shall I pass in kind without giving back to those whom survive my passing… Though I do imagine that number shall be significantly smaller as I plan to outlive a vast majority of the world’s population.” Anetho peered at his illusionary double, Reason, as if expecting a response. The ghostly visage simply stared at him, unable to form a reply. “Of course – you’re the sum of my mind, not the sum of my heart. I can’t expect you to understand either.” The illusion mirrors the Magister’s motion of straightening a tie. “No. You cannot.”


All the rest of the property which I may own at the time of my death, real or personal, tangible and intangible, of whatsoever nature and where ever situated, including all property which I may acquire or become entitled to after the execution of this Will, including all lapsed legacies and devises, or other gifts made by this Will which fail for any reason (but excluding any property over or concerning which I may have any power of appointment), I bequeath and devise to my Trustee hereinafter named for the following uses and purposes and upon the following terms and conditions:

1. Commencing with the date of my death, my Trustee shall pay to or apply for the benefit of my beneficiaries during her (his/her) lifetime, all the net income from the trust in convenient installments but no less frequently than quarterly.

2. In addition, my Trustee may pay to or apply for the benefit of my beneficiaries such sums from the principal of the Trust as in her (his/her) sole discretion shall be necessary or advisable from time to time for the support and maintenance of my beneficiaries taking into consideration to the extent my Trustee deems advisable, any other income or resources of my beneficiaries known to the Trustee.

3. In addition to the income and discretionary payments of principal from this Trust, there shall be paid to  Astoreth Duskflame-Firewing, Kuvasei Duskflame, Jaedn Scrywind, Nostricust Dreamscythe, and Malathane Loreguide during their(his/her) lifetime from the principal of this Trust upon written request during the last month of each fiscal year of the Trust an amount not to exceed during such fiscal year the amount of Five Thousand Gold Sovereigns (5,000g) or five (5) percent of the aggregate value of the principal of the Trust on the last day of each fiscal year without reduction for the principal payment for such fiscal year, whichever is greater. This right of withdrawal is noncumulative so that if they does not withdraw, during such fiscal year, the full amount to which they (he/she) is entitled under this Article, their (his/her) right to withdraw the amount not withdrawn shall lapse at the end of that fiscal year.

4. The provisions of this Trust in favor of Astoreth Duskflame-Firewing shall not be subject to attachment or be liable to be taken over for my incurred debts by any legal process whatever; and if my apprentice shall attempt to alienate, dispose of, anticipate, encumber, or create a charge upon the income or principal to which she (he/she) is entitled; or if she (he/she) shall become bankrupt or make or attempt to make any assignment for the benefit of creditors; or if the income or principal of this trust shall in any way be attached, diverted, seized or sequestered by any legal process, then the Trustee may immediately cease to pay income or principal to my apprentice , and may, thereafter, apply such part of the income or principal or even a whole thereof as the Trustee shall deem wise for my beneficiaries’ maintenance and support.

5. Upon the death of my N/A the entire remaining principal of the Trust shall be distributed in equal shares to my children, N/A In the event any child of mine is not living at the time of my N/A death, then I give such deceased child’s share to the issue of such deceased child of mine, per stirpes. If any child of mine fails to survive me in accordance with the provisions of this Will and has died without issue, then such child’s share shall be distributed among my surviving children, per stirpes.

6. In the event any beneficiary under this Article has not reached the age of twenty-one (21) years, then the share of any such beneficiary shall be retained in trust and held, managed and distributed for the beneficiary’s benefit. So much of the income from this trust and, if net income be at any time insufficient, so much of the principal of this trust as may be deemed necessary in the sole discretion of my Trustee (taking into account all other sources of income or support of the beneficiary of which my Trustee has knowledge) may be either paid to or expended on behalf of the beneficiary (whichever in the Trustee’s sole discretion is deemed most appropriate) in order to ensure the support, maintenance, health, and education (including collegiate, vocational, professional, etc.) of the beneficiary.

When the beneficiary reaches the age of twenty-one (21) years, the principal, together with any accumulations of income, shall be paid over and distributed to the beneficiary.

In the event that the beneficiary should fail to attain the age of twenty-one (21) years, the property being held for the beneficiary shall be paid over and distributed (i) to the beneficiary’s issue, per stirpes, or in default of such, (ii) to the beneficiary’s brothers and sisters and descendants of deceased brothers and sisters, per stirpes, or, in default of such, (iii) to my heirs, determined as if I had died at the time of such beneficiary’s death, pursuant to the General Statutes of Silvermoon as written on the date of this Will.

If, at any time, the property held in trust for any beneficiary under this Article is an amount so small that, in the sole discretion of my Trustee, the continuation of the trust is not in the overall best interest of the beneficiary, then my trustee may (i) pay over and deliver such property to the beneficiary, or (ii) convert the trust assets into qualifying property and pay over and deliver such property to a suitable person as Custodian for the beneficiary and so terminate the trust.

“Whatever children I wished into this world, these illusions are perhaps the closest thing to a living likeness I shall ever be afforded the luxury of knowing. My flesh and blood was never graced the fortune of safety. To carry my name, was to carry a promise that theirs was a life that would one day be pursued.” He spoke into a scrying orb, sighing in resignation. “Rhyme, my ambitions and emotions, Reason, my collective knowledge, and Opulence, my eccentricities… Each is it’s own personality, though sadly narrowed to a particular purpose. I am left to wonder that if I should die – do my children, my voices, go with me? Have I nothing to leave this world as proof that Anetho Dawnpride once walked this ground?”


My apprentice or her (his/her) personal representative may disclaim or renounce in whole or in part any gift, benefit, provision, or power in her (his/her) favor, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any benefit payable to her (him/her) as my surviving beneficiary under any retirement plan, annuity, or insurance policy. Unless otherwise specifically provided elsewhere in my Will or any Declaration of Trust in existence at the time of my death, the gift, benefit, provision, or power, to the extent of the disclaimer or renunciation, shall become part of the residue of my estate and be disposed of as provided in Article II of my Will.

“Hang him!” A woman cried aloud, catching Anetho’s attention. A crowd was growing rapidly, and the noise grew in turn. “Traitor! Kill it! Guards!” The Red Magister pushed his way through to the crowd to witness a larger man beating another Elf with a club. He reached out to clutch the man’s wrist. The well armored Sin’dorei glared back at the Red Magister whom was in full regalia. “Release me or you’ll regret it.” Anetho smirked. “I’ll regret what? Seeing you locked in irons for striking a Magister? I think not. I’ll be laughing as we sentence you.” He released the man whom spun about to face him, looking ever ready to strike.

“Now then – before we make further fools of ourselves; What exactly is going on here?” One of the women in the crowd pointed to the bloodied form curled into the fetal position upon the ground. “He called himself a Quel’dorei. They’re traitors, all of them. He deserves it.” The Red Magister raised a brow as he looked at her. “And you didn’t identify yourself as such before we lost the Sunwell? Should I bray you about the head with a club until you’re dead?” She shook her head. “That’s different. I’m a Sin’dorei, through and through!” Another piped up. “You want to take -his- side over ours? He’s got -blue- eyes!”

In that moment two Blood Knights took to the Magister’s sides. “And so did the vast majority of us; Once. Know this – there is no division in this city. Quel’thalas is the homeland of the Elves. I don’t care what color their eyes, they are as much Sin’dorei as we are Quel’dorei.” The warrior in armor spit at the ground. “That’s treasonous talk! In front of Blood Knights no less! Arrest him too!” The first, Knight Lord Caritrina looked at the male with some measure of scorn. “We don’t handle arrests. We’re with the Magister.” She replied simply. Silence took to the crowd as Anetho helped the young man from the ground. “If anyone else has anything left to say, I suggest you leave it. We’ll be escorting him from the city limits… If you insist on furthering this farce, you’ll be the ones we make examples of. The laws are very clear and nowhere in our provisions does it explicitly state we must all have glowing green eyes, red clothes, or a particular name for ourselves.”


I appoint Felorian Leviticus as my Executor.

If he (he/she) should not survive me, or is unwilling or unable to complete the administration of my estate, I appoint Malathane Lorebinder as my Executor. I direct that my Executor or Contingent Executor, whichever shall serve, shall not be required to post bond.

“Felorian… My champion.” Anetho held both hands aloft to embrace the arcanist. “Congratulations on your new title; Felorius would have wanted you to have it. I’m sure he knew there was no one more qualified.” The younger Leviticus simply laughed, moving to take a seat opposite the Magister’s desk. “Ah, but I have you to thank for the legal counsel provided. Without you, I’d not have the firm claim over what is rightfully mine in Felorius’ passing.” The Red Magister shook his head, lighting a cigar with a flame conjured at the tip of his index finger. “You do me to much credit. In truth I should thank you, for you’ve only ever humored my inquisitions regarding the strange and abnormal within the magical world. Keep upon the path and we’ll surely have a seat within Internal Affairs just for you – Even Te’Athas is impressed.”

“Did they ever determine what exactly happened to him?” The Arcanist inquired, despite the fact they both knew the answer. “Yes; They found him mangled just outside of Silvermoon. At the moment it’s considered another notch in the game of intrigue, but we’ve recently come across evidence to suggest that it was another act of the Cannibal Temptress, gruesome as the state of the corpse was.” Anetho propped his feet up on the table, knocking a few papers about. “Won’t be long before she eats the lot of it at this rate.” They both laughed. “Best we be careful about our appearances in the future, eh? Would be a shame to this lovely face because it was overly appealing.”


I appoint Magister Heathis Duskwhisper Nostricus Dreamscythe , as Trustee of any trust created herein. If he (he/she) should not survive me, or is unwilling or unable to serve, I appoint Toraine Silverleaf as Trustee of any trust created herein. I direct that my Trustee shall not be required to post bond.

“They tell me you’re capable of delving into memories and imagination. I’m curious.” The Magister leaned back against the nearby wall. “Curiosity alone is not enough to pique my interest.” The Forsaken replied simply, feeding a bird locked behind a gilded cage. “There is something locked deep within the confines of my mind – a secret held in a life not my own. A life I know only in stolen memories and broken nightmares.” The corpse drew nearer the couch at the center of the room and plucked his notebook off the end table.  “You wish to find yourself? Or to find this other individual?” It inquired in that dull monotone manner with which it had always spoken. “Neither – I wish to find the point where the two meet, where he and I diverge. The moment when two lives split. They tell me your magicks accomplish such things.”

Nostricus rasied what could have been a brow.”Walking the dream is no simple act of magic on my part. It requires you be prepared to face yourself as never before. That your mind become the frontier, and that all things be open to interpretation.” The cadaver scribbled a few notes into the small tome within his bony hands. “You may not particularly enjoy what you discover. It may even drive you to madness.” Anetho scoffed, shrugging out of his overcoat. “I’m already mad.” The Forsaken pointed at the sofa. “Then take the first step.”


I hereby grant to my Executor and also to the Trustee of any trust established hereunder, the continuing absolute, discretionary power to deal with any property, real or personal, held in my estate or in any trust, as freely as I might in the handling of my own affairs. Such power may be exercised independently and without the prior or subsequent approval of any court or judicial authority, and no person dealing with the Executor or Trustee shall be required to inquire into the propriety of any of their actions. Without limiting any of the powers that my Trustee or Executor may have under the laws of Silvermoon or of any state wherein the trust fund or assets of my estate may be situated, I hereby grant to my Trustee and Executor the following specific powers and authority in addition to and not in substitution of powers conferred by law:

A. To make distributions in coin or in specific property, real or personal, or an undivided interest in such property, or partly in coin and partly in such property, and to do so without regard to the income tax basis for magisterial tax purposes of specific property allocated to any beneficiary, unless predetermined within this document.

B. To sell, transfer or convey, at public or private sale and at such price or such terms and in such manner as said Trustee or Executor shall deem best, any property, real or personal, tangible or intangible, constituting a part or all of my estate or the trust, and to execute deeds or other instruments necessary to effect such sale, transfer or conveyance, unless predetermined within this document.

C. To compromise and settle claims in favor of or against my estate or the trust estates.

“Large is the heart that bears the burden of love; I don’t know that I am capable of acknowledging any one person. The demands of such are great, even for one such as myself. In the end, I am as much a slave to these primal emotions as any other. The only difference, the only difference Magistrix, is that I must live with the knowledge they will never be. No matter how hard I strive to feel the warmth in my chest it is forever destined to be pulled apart by outside forces. That is my tragedy, Te’Athas. To be a monster, unloved, yet ever loving from the darkness of his own soul.” Anetho glared at her. “Can you not acknowledge me? Can you not choose to simply look upon me as you wish, rather than to beholden upon it all?” Her eyes drifted to the ground as she fell silent. “No. Of course you can’t. You’re as much a paragon of righteousness and duty as I am to darkness and destruction.”

“It doesn’t need to be that way. You could forget it all, live out your days as the man you portray yourself.” He laughed, he laughed in that mocking manner she hated so. “No. It could only ever be this way! There’s nobody left alive to change it, nor would they! I have destroyed myself!” He laughed so hard, so madly, she bit her lower lip in momentary fear. Anetho grew silent after a moment, before wandering to the window and gazing at the night sky. “…Indeed… For all the powers I’ve garnered… I have destroyed myself. I have taken the possibilities from the future, and removed the bishop from the chess board.”


Any person who fails to survive me by 190 days shall be deemed to have predeceased me for purposes of succession to property under this Will.

“I’m dying. No power in the world can stop that – but death need not be a definitive end… There are theories that souls are but another form of mana – one that offers us the sentience of thought, capacity to breath, and means to function. If that is so, then perhaps when I die, my soul will drift into the ether that I might become something greater; Something altogether different.” He whispered to Astoreth, relatively calm now that he had sobered for the evening. He rolled over on the bed so his head rested just over her breast as she ran a hand through his hair, and let him ramble; She always let him ramble. “But…  Dalaran isn’t the place to worry on that. I’ve still much time, and even more to do.” She smiled that infectious smile of hers, encouraging one of his own. “I love you, you wicked black hearted bitch.” She shook her head, rubbing her palm along his cheek. “You’re incorrigible.” She replied.


If my apprentice and I shall die under such circumstances as to render it doubtful as to which of us died first, it shall be conclusively presumed that my beneficiaries (Predeceased/Survived) me.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I sign, seal, publish and declare this instrument to be my Last Will and Testament, this the  31st day of  January.

I, Anetho L. Dawnpride , the testator (Testator/Testatrix) sign my name to this instrument this the 31st day of January, and being first duly sworn, do hereby declare to the undersigned authority that I sign and execute this instrument as my free and voluntary act for the purposes therein expressed, and of sound mind, and under no constraint or undue influence. 


Magister; Silvermoon Archives

We,  Nostricus Dreamscythe, and Felorian Leviticus , the witnesses, sign our names to this instrument, being first duly sworn, and do hereby declare to the undersigned authority that the Testator (Testator/Testatrix) signs and executes this instrument as a Last Will and Testament and he (he/she) signs it willingly, and that each of us, in the presence and hearing of the Testator (Testator/Testatrix) hereby signs this Will as witness to the signing. 

Felorian Leviticus

Nostricus Dreamscythe

“In but a moment, light, in an eternity, darkness.”

Magistrix Te’Athas sighed. “Justice be done; These final affairs shall be tendered under the eyes of his duly appointed Executor as witnessed within this hall. All last rites and rules of succession shall be honored per his request.” Felorian nodded in satisfaction, standing to depart. Several others in the room had left during the interim, having grown bored or disgusted with the fact that a traitor’s whimsies would still be humored. “Know, however, that if any new evidence surfaces that might implicate you or your colleagues Mister Leviticus… The Internal Affairs division will order an inquisition and we will see the justice we cannot enact upon the deceased in full fury.” She set her glasses aside atop the desk, glaring up at him in an accusing manner.

“Magistrix, perish the thought. I, as you, were as much a puppet in his grand designs. However, the dead can forge no new strings and rely solely on the living to regard their memory. With this last act, all that Anetho Dawnpride is and was shall fade into the backdrop of nothingness, as must we all. All the world’s a stage, we must all be prepared to take our bows in favor of a new actor portraying the role.” He produced a small envelope and set it upon her desk. “My first official act as his Executor – he wished you to have this in the aftermath of his proceedings.” He bowed humbly, before striding out the door leading the young woman he entered with by the hand. “Anu’belore delah’na.”

She looked it over in her hands before opening it – a small key fell out. Curious, she looked it over before unfolding the letter. It was only a few simple lines, but more than enough to illicit the intended response.

To The Esteemed Magistrix Liliene Te’Athas,

Beneath the tree we first confessed to the tragic duality of our lives, where we acknowledged our faults as lovers and competitors. Dig at the base of the roots, and hold tightly to what you find. Never forget that even in my darkest moments, or in my greatest acts of depravity I loved you, and grew further infatuated as the game took it’s course. Yours is truly the post of the watchful vigil of our city-state and all that is worthy within it. I depart this world knowing my home, the High City, is ever safer in your charge.

You, my darling Lily, have won our game of intrigue.

~Your Red Magister~

“…No.” She whispered. “You did.” Her hands swiped through the air, forcing the door to close magically as she frantically tried to fight the onslaught of tears pouring down her cheeks. From outside, Felorian could only gaze over the bustling streets of Silvermoon – they kept moving like clockwork, no matter the incidents transpiring within it’s walls. There was a terribly insensitive beauty to a nation that refused to falter. “Come along, little one.” He gave the young woman’s hand a soft squeeze as he set off along the stairs. “…We’ve still got much work to do with you. Oh. Yes. I’d nearly forgotten.” He fished out a worn journal, bound by tattered leather bindings. “…Someone very important wanted you to have this; Asked me to give it to you after we’d taught you to read a little better; Perhaps a bit early, but that which is premature and such…” She took the thick book into her free hand, examining it at length, slowly sounding out the words written upon the front in fine red ink.

Nostricus emerged behind them, sauntering slowly alongside the two. “All around us, the world fades at an incredibly rapid rate… No one see’s it; Perhaps because they fade even faster than the world…” His dim glowing eyes drifted to Felorian, and then the little girl he was leading along. “If you are conscious of the fact you are having a dream, and you can actually say that it -is- a dream… Can you be certain it’s actually a dream at all?” Felorian looked between the two rather quizzically as the girl gave him a smile. The cadaver peered up at Felorian once again. “That is the question that has inspired my trade, and one I pose now to you. I pray yours is an answer that you find satisfactory.” The Arcanist canted his head to one side. “I don’t feel as if that was directed at me.” The Forsaken handed off a tiny wrapped box to the little girl as he shuffled towards the Row. “It was not.”

Felorian looked down to the young woman and then to the corpse growing further away. He felt her tiny fingers squeeze at his tenderly.


 “I am just as much a part of Silvermoon, as Silvermoon shall always be a part of me. T’is not just the homeland of the Elves… But t’is where I have made my home.”


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Destiny has two ways of crushing us -- by refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them. ~ Henri Frédéric Amiel

Dark Intent

Well, that floor is not going to tank itself.

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