His Legacy – Destruction

The Magistrix tossed another missive upon her desk and moved to the next. This one, unlike the others, was sealed simply in wax with no particular individual to be addressed nor envelope to hold it. Slowly she broke the seal and unfolded the paper. Her eyes wandered up and down the names arranged just-so in descending order, some of which were struck through. It then occurred to her that these were the names of Magistrate officials and prominent citizens whom had been long dead. Perhaps she’d known all along he was responsible for some of these, but the extent of his bloodshed took her by surprise. Many were construed as victims of  both the lifeless husks forged by a twisted creature barely worth associating as if a person, and the Cannibal Temptress – Cielane Bloodlips. Her mind wandered briefly to the investigations regarding the mutilated remains, and consequently, to the Dollmaker Inquisitions. The two seemed intertwined, but in reality it appeared that it was all the orchestration of one man. The Red Magister, Anetho Dawnpride. It raised the questions as just how many more affairs he’d had his hands in, and what further ramifications his actions would yield in light of this information.

To Whom It May Concern;

Despite the precarious nature of my dealings, it would not be proper to allow the lies to exist beyond their usefulness, nor would it be in accordance with my own wishes. Thusly I’ve kept a freehand dossier of those I’ve associated with over the years that were of any note during my travels, investigations, or altercations. They also serve as a reminder of the lengths I sought to travel in the name of my own vindication. If it sits in your hands, I’ve either been incarcerated, or perished. Either of which is fitting. Know that in some small measure, those listed deceased rest upon my hands. Those rotting in prison do so upon my designs and an appeal should be launched for those yet lingering within. This is my confession

  • Magistrix Liliene Te’Athas; Internal Affairs    Cleared of Suspicions
  • Magistrix Mariane Silvretongue; Internal Affairs Consultant Implicated On Charges of Treason; Deceased
  • Alaterial’; Alias? ‘Spade’ Associate No Longer A Concern; Likely Deceased
  • Heathis Duskwhisper; Magister Internal Affairs Poisoned Within the Opera House
  • Artanis Elensar; The Rose’s Blade   Gone To Ground, Order of the Rose
  • Adriana Sunsorrow; Information Broker Justice Enacted In the Forests of Eversong
  • Thelara Silvretongue; Information Broker   Gone To Ground, Order of the Rose
  • Elenye Featherfoot; Information Broker  Justice Enacted In the Forests of Eversong
  • Anriel Felheart; Succubus    Vanished Without A Trace
  • Magister Lockette Ithilien; Judicial Affairs    Vanished Without a Trace; Assumed Deceased
  • Magister Vaerethian Duskmourne; Judicial Affairs Murdered Pursuing The Truth Regarding Anetho Dawnpride
  • Magister Len’Thar Leviticus; Muncipal Affairs  Incarcerated Under Charges of Conspiracy  Escaped and Gone To Ground
  • “Satin”  Alias? Conspirator?   Gone To Ground; Cleared of Suspicions
  • Grand Marshal Bureston Theodore Langley; Alliance Military Tactician    An Old Friend
  • Halinor of Lordaeron; No Surname    An Old Friend; Gone To Ground
  • Claude Van Sheizer; Conspirator?  Sentenced To Death
  • Abrilen Feathermore; Conspirator?  Sentenced To Death
  • Jelian Rosenbaum; Conspirator? Sentenced To Death
  • Loreth Blackmaw; Conspirator? Sentenced To Death
  • Zhegast Deatheater; Conspirator? Sentenced To Death
  • Evan Philborne; Conspirator? Sentenced To Death
  • Lisa Duskborne; Conspirator? Sentenced To Death
  • Gripps Burnout; Conspirator? Sentenced To Death
  • Ian Korvanth; Trusted Palamecian   Vanished Without A Trace; Assumed Deceased
  • ‘Relaenia’ ; A Useful Puppet
  • “Harper”; Conspirator In My Midst   Confined To A Soul-Stone For All Eternity
  • Neeshaka Thunder-Shaker  Trusted Palamecian Justice Enacted Within the Depths of Hyjal’s Cavernous Depths
  • Amoriene Sunborne; Trusted Palamecian and Ranger Lord Sadly Deceased
  • Amorione Sunborne; Trusted Palamecian and Ranger Sadly Deceased
  • Resolo the Lost; Twilight’s Hammer Infiltrator Confined To A Soul-Stone For All Eternity
  • Amanda Collins; Twilight’s Hammer Shape-Shifted and Worgen  Confined To A Soul-Stone For All Eternity
  • Jeffery Collins; Twilight’s Hammer Infiltrator Deceased At Harper’s Hand
  • Melinda Evermourne; Twilight’s Hammer Shadow-Weaver    Confined To A Soul-Stone For All Eternity
  • Sariane The Voice of Death; Twilight’s Hammer Spellweaver Confined To A Soul-Stone For All Eternity, As Is Fitting
  • Liaskar Moonwalker; Lordaeron’s Wayward Paladin Perished Honorably Holding To His Oath
  • Knight Lord Caritrina;  A Treasured Friend  Deceased
  • Kierrn Sunbathed; Blood Knight   Vanished Without A Trace; Suspected To Be Involved In The Death of Knight-Lord Caritrina
  • Eveline Sungazer; Conspirator? Sentenced To Hang On Charges of Conspiracy
  • Morlan Sungazer; Son of Eveline Sungazer Sentenced To Hang With His Mother
  • Hazam Sungazer; Son of Eveline Sungazer Sentenced To Hang With His Mother
  • Kuvasei Darksworne; Noblewoman   Cleared of Suspicions
  • Astoreth Darksworne-Duskflame; Noblewoman   Cleared of Suspicions
  • Fernand De’Moratio; Twilight’s Hammer Remnant    Justice Enacted in the Forests of Elwynn
  • Fanlyr Silverthorn; Reliquary Archaeologist
  • Selanda Soul-Stealer; Succubus  Deceased; Her Essence Empowered Me Further Through Ancient Sacrificial Magicks
  • Tendael Dawnlight; Dominion Sovereign   A Just Man    Sadly Deceased
  • Ayandiel Ravalta; Dominion Paladin and Argent Crusader Deceased; Implicated On Charges of Treason To My Own Benefit Within The Dominion of the Sun.
  • Sanathas Ravalta; Dominion Fel-Weaver and Researcher   No Longer A Concern; Vanished Without A Trace
  • Cielane Bloodlips; The Cannibal Temptress      Corrupted Beyond Salvation
  • Felorius Leviticus; Arcanist Murdered in Azshara
  • Vynlarion T. Highcrest VI; Knight Lord   No Longer A Concern or of Use
  • Westel Firewing; Conspirator?  No Longer A Concern
  • Felorian Leviticus; Arcanist    Felorius’ Younger Brother, Heir to House Leviticus and Talented Scryer
  • Malathane Lorebinder; Mender    May Prove Useful in Mitigating My Tuberculosis

I shall not be judged by the arbitrators of justice on this realm, but perhaps, by those whom manage the next. I know that it shall be as fitting a judgement as the Magistrate would have ruled had they first claimed this in times that I  yet drew breath. I am in the final throes of my dying days, and I feel the weight of my affliction upon me at last. No longer will it be delayed. I’ve but the one last gambit, and in it’s failure you will in time discover this scrap of paper and all that I have done will be brought, at long last, into the light of the public. I will be declared a monster in the light of the sun, as surely as I was in the embrace of darkness.

For I am dead, and due my reward. That which is promised to all sinners in the Light of the clergy at their altars. To my Goddess, my queen, the lady of darkness. I am, as ever, her loyal servant. That special place in the pits of hell reserved for all traitors, those such as myself, shall I take up her mantle. M’lady fairest I’ve ever served; Her Majesty Death.

Anetho Luem’Ray Dawnpride


~ by anethodawnpride on July 25, 2014.

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