His Legacy – Love

“…I don’t know what to do with this one. They have the right to it, of course, but at the same token it could be grounds to arrange an inquisition and upset the order of their lives…” She sighed, looking over a velvet red letter with golden embroidery that read in intricate letters; ‘Kuvasei Duskflame.’ Of course he’d find comfort in another, it was only natural as one whom lived as he would seek to share his bed and comforts of the heart. Though these thoughts did little to discredit the fire growing evermore in her guts. “Perhaps such a decision is for her caretakers. What comes of it in the aftermath is not my affair.”

To My Beloved Kuvasei Duskflame-Dawnpride,

Few know the depths of my heart as you, fewer still alive to date. As I pen this, I feel as dead inside as they must surely be in their graves. You accepted me for all my faults, delusions, and dementia. The risks of associating with a crazed Magister who has fallen from grace in the eyes of the law and the public… Indeed, you loved a man ugly in every sense of the word. I have never once questioned the why of it, nor do I wish to. It is only what it shall ever be. I am grateful to you in ways that I may never express. You brought warmth and love into my home, and in large parts outside of the bedroom. You tried to introduce a sensation of safety, a trust. For all your efforts, I never once gave you the credit you deserved or the thought to your well-being.

I’ve wronged you on so many levels. I took your love and twisted it. I bent it, and distressed it, and still you stayed at my side.  For all the trauma I introduced into your household and the lives of your guardians, still you would have called me yours. Still you would have worn my shackles upon your finger. You would take a stand and firm hold upon yourself in the greater moments and force a calm upon me when I’d lose myself in your company. A stern hand I’d never known before, and even now greatly miss. I cannot fathom what it is you saw within me, rather, I can only be grateful. For a brief moment, I loved again. Truly loved.

I know not if my death is a source of solace or grievance for you. I suppose it doesn’t matter to me, as I’ve long gone by the time anyone actually discovers this letter, or the other twenty something’s I’ve penned. I can only promise that one day, perhaps in the not so distant future, my greatest treasure and possession shall in turn be yours when it is deemed properly prepared. It may not be until your hair is grey, such is the scrutiny of the caretaker I’ve left this precious commodity within. Know that when it shines adequately however, a trusted colleague shall honor an arrangement struck with your mother. Upon that day, dearest Kuvasei, my legacy – my enduring love – will be yours to hold.

Until The Hour of Your Departure,

Anetho L. Dawnpride

P.S. Do be kind and water my rose garden near the edge of Eversong, where the road diverges and breaks near the Ghostlands in my stead. I’d be ever so delighted to know that they are in good hands.


~ by anethodawnpride on July 18, 2014.

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