His Legacy – Children

“….Oh Gods but he did have a sense of humor.” She stated flatly to herself, glancing over the recipient of the letter before her. The Orphanage for displaced children separated from their caretakers in times of war – the very ones made the spotlight of the Children’s Week observation. “For his many trips to visit them, for all the trinkets he left the little ones, they were naught but a means to feel better about himself – he told me such.” She sighed, ripping the letter open, and glancing over it.

To Whom It May Concern,

Orphan Matrons and Organizers alike – I regret to inform you that I, Anetho Luem’Ray Dawnpride, have passed. The circumstances regarding my death are unimportant and as unknowable as the Great Dark Beyond at the time of this writing. I know however, that it is well deserved, regardless of what opinions you or the children may retain of my frequent visits both to your shelter in Orgrimmar and the various others that dot the regions within the Horde provinces. I must profess some measure of depression at the thought that I may never again look at the smiling faces of the children whom I’d deliver chocolates and toys to upon a monthly basis. Their cheers were a source of great comfort to me, especially in the trying times we’d faced in the past; When first I wandered in, lost and cold following the events of Icecrown, to ensuring the younglings would not be forced to lift a blade by the Kor’Kron in the midst of the turmoil.

I regret that I could not do more, and feel personally responsible for the lives lost – Then and now. The Kor’Kron stole them away before their time, just as the Twilight’s Hammer had in the past. I cannot claim that such actions sparked of a kind heart; The truth of the affair is that I saw the cultists attempting to subvert the young into their order and took actions to ensure they did not endure the pains I was forced to. It was an entirely selfish arrangement on my part, disguised as an act of recurring generosity. The gold, the baubles, and the candy cannot abate the lies, nor should they. What I did, I did out of necessity and grew to enjoy it by chance. The long hours we talked at length, the Children and I, of stories and the optimism I wished them were not an act of charity as much as they were of observation and guilt over the loss of Jatein in the earliest days of the Elemental Onslaught we suffered some time ago. I did not act with all due haste and so she passed painfully in part due to the hex they forced upon her.

However, I do not pen this to revisit painful memories; Rather to make one last charitable contribution before the city-state should discover that my finances are handled abroad and measures are taken to repossess my funds to ends of a corrupt and twisted regime that cannot see beyond it’s own pearled gates. Enclosed is a writ of transaction to be delivered to the hands of the Bilgewater Bankers Association and exchanged for the collective sum of one thousand gold coins. I know that such will only go so far, but that is the last of my holdings set aside at the time of this writing. I do pray they are reparation enough for the traumas suffered over the years, and that if only for a brief time, some headaches may be alleviated.

Give the children my best, and afford them the knowledge that their ‘White Orc’ is watching over them alongside their ancestors.

Eternally Grateful,

Anetho L. Dawnpride

Magister; Silvermoon Archives


~ by anethodawnpride on July 18, 2014.

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