His Legacy – Loyalties

The Magistrix frowned, the name upon the third envelope bringing some unpleasant memories; distant memories of a funeral. Public figures both ordinary and nameless alike congregated to honor this woman. “Knight-Lord Caritrina…” She whispered to herself, a sigh following after. She flipped it about in her hands, torn at the notion of reading this one in particular. The final thoughts of the dead were often viewed as a sacred thing – though the sanctity of the deceased often held little thought in the affairs of the Magistrate. ‘…What if perhaps, this too is one of his tests?’ She mused. ‘Perhaps a hidden code or trick?’ She opened the fold of the envelope, stopping short of pulling the letter out. ‘…But if it isn’t…’

It wasn’t enough to sway her. Her curiosity would be sated.


Honorable Caritrina,

Since your passing I find myself conflicted, more so as unsavory rumors surface regarding the circumstances surrounding both yourself and the details of your death. It is said that you were an imposter, one assuming the identity of the Knight-Lord to the ends of our enemies. Others that yours was an end resulting of foul play and treachery which stir to mind such notions that Twilight’s Hammer may have been involved but such is the madness that consumes me in later hours when I know yours was a death far from the reaches of my own circumstances though I selfishly wish it were not so.

I can do nothing for you, nor can I commit precious time to further investigations when it is a closed case, and has left no reasonable leads or insight into any feasible end beyond the notion that you are gone. Taken from me before your time. A clever and close friend the likes of which has only ever been rivaled by one other. Ethalarian, I imagine, will feel your loss as I do. My discontent only grows in that I will not be able to soothe this memory from his mind, nor can I from any other. You were always the maternal figure and I the bratty child. Nothing asked of you was ever to much, and for me, ever enough.

I am incapable of such selflessness, even with your best effort to instill these principals within me. In the end, the title of ‘clerk’ was but a means to an end. A manipulation of resources meant to be used towards my machinations; Though to your credit I never went through with such designs. You are solely to blame for this weakness of character on my part. The loyalty you inspired was nothing short of legendary. Regardless of whether or not you were an imposter, you unwittingly held a monster in place and if only for a moment, dispelled his hunger for vengeance.

I do not know what to do with this parchment, or if I should simply burn it. I know not your next of kin, and I would only stir bitter memories in the minds of your friends I think. Best perhaps if I simply content myself with the knowledge that you may see these words through my eyes, as surely as your memory yet lingers within my heart.


~Anetho L. Dawnpride~


~ by anethodawnpride on July 5, 2014.

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