His Legacy – Lies

The Magistrix conjured a few cubes of ice within her empty glass. Her eyes never left the envelope in her hands, as she turned it over in her palms. She couldn’t get over the intricately scrawled words adorning it, or the implied importance given the painstaking detail. Liliene waved her finger, a nearby bottle of bourbon uncorking itself and levitating over her glass; the brown liquid washing over the ice and threatening to flood from the rim before it finally balanced out and returned to the nearby shelf. Her hand slowly drifted to the comfort it would offer, and with each sip she felt her tensions ease.

‘To My Beloved Liliene Te’Athas’

She opened the otherwise bland and insignificant envelope, and pulled the parchment from within. Her eyes watered a moment before she steeled herself and read over the first few lines.

My Beautiful Lily,

I’ve often retreated to the Midsummer Festival memories we’d shared. I had never before attended the festivities and you we so insistent that I accompany you that we might fill your lover to bursting with jealousies. You wore your finest dress and I, my most ostentatiously red suit. We drifted from cart to cart, sampling the finest dishes and indulged in the most exotic of wines. It was a brief lie we told to ourselves; one that you and I were content to live out. When the sun set and the air cooled I could only fall into your arms and whisper my affections. We both knew it could not be true. But you and I knew that often a lie is more comforting than the truth. You invited me into your home, shared with me the gift of your children and hospitality.

The truth was long forgotten beneath the lies we told each other, and ourselves. We both knew, deep within our hearts, how it would end. Though even after we parted ways, you kept the truth you bore witness to. You wrapped it in further lies and protected me still when you were in the greatest position to halt my plans before they’d even set in motion. I recall asking myself if that was love; if that was true love. The lying to oneself and disguising of the horrendous, painful, absolute truth for the sake of another’s smile. That twinkle of satisfaction in their eyes. I could come to no, though for these reasons I lied to your benefit.

Even as I pen this letter, I seal it with that lie even still. I infuriate you daily with my presence, those less than subtle winks among our colleagues. I wonder in some small part just how  you’ll fare without me to distract you from the tedium of each passing day with just one more lie.


~Asleon De’Forte~

Ever Your Red Magister Anetho Dawnpride.


~ by anethodawnpride on July 5, 2014.

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