Beyond The Stained Glass Window

“Though the days remain barren of promises, nothing shall forestall my return; For what sorrow we birth now only assures happiness in later hours.”

-Anetho Dawnpride to Astoreth Duskflame on the eve of a seafaring voyage.

Ladies and gentlemen of Silvermoon, it is with heavy heart that we congregate this evening to honor one of our own, Anetho Dawnpride…” The priest’s expression and voice seemed forced, speaking only on ceremony while political figures murmured amongst themselves. “…Heavy heart indeed…Sad that it didn’t come sooner…” One would say as others shared in mutual spite. “The world’s better off without that manipulative prick, always pushing his agenda…”

Magistrix Te’Athas heaved a heavy sigh and faced the collective nay-sayers with a fire in her eyes. “Because he had the force of character that you shall never possess? Because of petty jealousies that he’d never conform to your standards? An overweight pig of an artist? A simple depraved clerk? A gossip columnist? Who are you to say anything? You judge only upon what you hear without having ever personally bearing witness to whom he was.” The group regarded her with a harsh expression, the painter opening her mouth to retort only to be silenced immediately as the magistrix gave a spin tingling hiss.

“You’ve no right to words, vixen, no further opinions. Your expertise stops at the conjuring of poorly articulated and proportioned smut. Were you of a more open mind you’d realize just how much he endured for the sake of Quel’Thalas and it’s people… Even the lot of you whom even now chide on about his faults. You’re only here to make a public appearance – do so silently that those of us here to mourn may do so in peace.” She afforded them one last poisonous glare before turning to pay heed to the eulogy. Malathane’s hand found hers and a subtle nod was exchanged. “…Through magic we are sustained and to magic we must return. The Sunwell shall light his path from this world and into the next….”

“Even if the fruit is bitter, nurturing the seeds shall in time encourage the sweetest sensations; For only through the despair and pain of a hard day’s toil may we discover happiness and appreciation.”

-Anetho Dawnpride to Cielane Bloodlips upon her first kill in his employ.

Leviticus shook his head from his perch along the wall, knowing the spectacle before him to be a farce. Within two weeks the man that lay in the open casket would be bastardized and besmirched; his memory a bitter one quickly forgotten. He squeezed the dainty hand in his own reassuringly as his eyes drifted to the glossy eyed woman he’d brought along dressed in a simple red dress adorned in gold.

“He left you quite a bit and I’ve made a few arrangements that you shall be cared for…” She looked up at him, and then to the flawless blonde Elf in the coffin – not a flicker of recognition at all evident upon her features. “Not that explaining it to you matters at all, hrm?” He inquired rhetorically, shifting his attentions back to the clergyman. The young woman ran her right hand through brilliantly crimson red locks of hair as the priest acknowledged the end of a half-hearted prayer.

“…His body shall be on display for the duration of the daylight hours before we see him entombed alongside his family beside the Elrandar River. Feel free to pay your respects and impart what words you will. Following this evening his testimony and final proceedings shall be addressed within the Sunfury Spire – all parties to be involved have already been notified via missive. Thank you for attending, I pray that the Light may fill the void he has surely left in his wake.”

“And beyond the stained glass windows of despair; Hope.”

-Anetho Luem’Ray Dawnpride


~ by anethodawnpride on April 16, 2014.

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