Brief Eternity

“I do not expect you to understand. I expect you only to judge and do as my designs carry you… That’s how it’s always worked… You dance like puppets. You all dance like puppets.”

-Anetho Dawnpride

I was a fool. A self-righteous fool. I see this and feel no regret, nor do I harbor much self-loathing either. Why should I? In but a few days all will be as it should. The world has never once needed a guardian of any sort; Medivh, the Tirisfal order, dragonkin or the likes of Anetho Dawnpride. Arrogance is the corruptive companion of ambitious pursuits and I fell prey to his whispers. I sought to ascend to heights beyond my due and,perhaps, worse yet I succeeded at the expense of the blood, sweat, and tears of other’s. These realizations bring me to one definitive truth; an answer I’ve sought to a question posed so long ago. Was I meant to love? Was I ever meant to hold anything precious in my arms?

“I understand.”

-Jaedn Scrywind

They say t’is possible to look into one’s eyes and peer into the sea of an individual’s soul. Only a select few retain the capacity as the millenia have drawn on but to have found on that knows… That knows beyond wordplay, beyond antics, beyond transgression. To know understanding, an unconditional agreement… is this love? Is this what I’ve wished? This fleeting second that drew on forever as I gazed into her eyes? Her arms about me, her head upon mine… I was… I was at peace… I’m ready now, I think. I’m ready.


~ by anethodawnpride on March 27, 2014.

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