Parallel Dawn

*Adapted from RP with Satin upon the release of The Hour of Twilight

Anetho cradled the Phoenix to his chest as he peered at Neltharion’s husk, cleanly impaled upon Wyrmrest Spire. He had succeeded in obliterating all that was – he had invoked the final cataclysm. The air smelled of brimstone and ash. The once abundant flows of magic were no more. All the mana left to the world comprised his companion and it was rapidly fleeting. Despite invoking the complex incantations of chronomancy and cheating death by seconds – this was a fate far worse than joining the mass pyre. He brushed at a dead white lock of hair concealing the scarred and disfigured face beneath. He felt hollow – the realization that his actions had irreparably driven his true heart’s desires further away only made the disposition emptier. He languished in this state for some time…. Until by chance and fortune a single glimmer of redemption presented itself.

Eirwen – she materialized of thin air before him. The result of magicks not yet refined and ill practiced. Those he recognized as his own. “Hello… Satin-Like-The-Cloth…” He regarded her in a neutral tone, averting his gaze so as to escape the guilt that trailed with her visage. “Who-What-Where am I?” What happened?” She asked frantically. “You stand upon the future’s marvel… Your future. The determined end of all things.” He replied. The Phoenix in his arms chirped at him mournfully. “Dawnpride?” She felt in a daze. “The one and only… Not much to look at without my illusions in place… but then I’ve not the need or capacity to bother maintaining appearances.” He looked to her with an expression marking a broken man.

“How did this happen!?” She at last registered her surroundings. “Mortal kind has failed. Neltharion broke the world asunder. I…We…” He ran his index finger along the bird’s beak. “…survived by encasing ourselves as if a fixed point. A pause in time. When my invocation had concluded…. this is what awaited us…. Everything that was has faded to memory. Even the flows of magic were shattered. I’m curious just how it is you came to be Eirwen.” He stood at last, tugging at his soot covered tie. “I’m not really sure…. I…” She stammered, trying to piece it together.

“It was surely magic as my Eirwen is long dead by now… Thus you either wandered far to deep into the caverns of bronze – or more likely… a spell of my own backfired, flinging you here. I always was a bit fickle when it came to actually studying the arcane. But if memory serves…. Yes…. yes, yes,yes, yes!” He clapped his hands together. “A modest amount of mana to re-open the flows comprising the prior link that a rift in time and space might… Erm… That is… a portal should materialize and whisk you back whence you came.” She shook her head. “But you just said all the mana in this world had gone.” He nodded in affirmation, his Phoenix chirping sorrowfully.

“Unfortunately, yes… All but that within Liaskar here… But the hour is late – no other choice remains. Of my companion I shall gift to you a light of hope a tomorrow meant to end differently. Even as it condemns me to suffering greater still…” He ran a few fingers through the empyrean flame’s feathers. “I am sorry…” He whispered before siphoning all of the magic that comprised it, just enough to return a glimmer of color to his eyes. “…We should hurry…” He mumbled, holding both hands outward as if trying to tear at something. “I’m sorry that I did not treat you better, my darling Eirwen. My Satin Blanket. My love.”

She shook her head. “You can come with me.” He smiled for the first time since the world burned. “…Your world has no place for me… I’ve all I deserve and have wrought here… In my thirst for vengeance something darker was born – In solitude and loss I’ve discovered how blind I was… And just how malignant victory would have made me… T’is better this way, I think…” He replied in a melancholy manner as he re-established the links of magic between this world and one parallel. “…To have done this for you, to know that I can perish as the last act of kindness this world could offer… That is satisfaction enough… For you…and myself… I can only pray…”


~ by anethodawnpride on September 28, 2013.

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