Immortal Angel

“Some of the men address me as an angel. Others truly think me immortal for the extent of my feats..So then what do you call an immortal angel? God. It has a nice ring to it, no?

I have made landfall following the collapse of the vale and restless days at sea. By all accounts I would think the losses suffered were within acceptable limits – However we are still attempting to discern a definitive number beyond estimates. I’m moved by the valor and dedication our kin and their allies possess. It certainly overshadows that mass suicide of a rebellion. Their losses have exceeded our own – and that was within the first hour. Another development I find personally gratifying would be the deteriorating relations between Silvermoon and the Forsaken. It’s no secret Sylvanas desired to claim our dead  – but what surprised many was Lor’themar’s reply. If one had to guess – it wouldn’t be a stretch to say her disposition is akin to the Lich King now – and no longer that of an ill fated Quel’dorei. I eager await the inevitable.

The powers I now command flow effortlessly at times with overwhelming results. What once pained me to invoke now soothes me as it forms the foundations of my spellcraft. Thought at others it simply fails to impress. I’m not surprised. Hatred and distrust are often blinding and associated with arrogance. I’ve little care for it however, beyond subtle demonstrations. No longer need I work through words – when I can simply wave my hand and shape the world and those in it anew.

“The mind – for all it’s praise is still just a fragile creation… Isn’t that right love?”

I suspect that Ersbet and Krystion suffer from these misconceptions, but when at last the fallen child of Grom Hellscream is put to death and the sun rises on a new day – one which shall be marked with the Sunwell incident as but a prologue… And the end is penned in Eredun… They will see their folly and lament in despair, as shall the rest of this meager little world. I have foretold the coming of that which is to follow. The conclusion to one tale is but the spark of another…

“You will look to the skies where many believe angels fly – only to beholden a cleansing inferno – a fate shared with many realms beyond this simple Azeroth. Fire and blood will cling to the air. Screams of terror will pierce the silence as if psalms of salvation and glory. The legions of those conquered and depraved shall walk amongst men as if the very Gods they worship! Feared and revered all at once!

With every step they take, with every word they speak – the world will buckle at their arrival. That which the many have feared since the dawn of life shall bring their faithful to heights hitherto unimagined, while all the heretics whom cower before the grace of the supposed Light will be left scorched and lifeless.” Anetho threw his arms aloft – Fel fire rising from the very depths of the ground as if to consume the overzealous Paladin. “You are but tools, discarded to walk the earth with only your burning need for a narrow purpose to keep you warm. A fairy tale with a bright begining and a fiery end. But isn’t that how such falls of the mighty begin?”

The woman shrouded herself in a barrier of holiest light, in an effort to keep the flames at bay. “Fall before your Light and ask of it to dispense with the ritual and mortal agonies. Meditate in prayer upon the question posed. Listen to the ‘divine’ answer. At that moment, ml’lady, you will fall. You will know the turning of the world and that ‘justice’ does not drive it!” She screamed, as the barrier exploded, smothering the immolating fires. She readied her shield and rushed forth to meet her opponent in close combat.

He simply teleported to higher ground, in a flash of brilliant red mana. Disoriented and blinded by the display she was ill-prepared to defend against the fel infused firebolt careening towards her from behind. She felt the armor break away and her skin burn away like wood. She cried out in agony, falling to her knees. She could hear his footsteps drawing nearer from behind. “The church preaches only of chaos. A form of control. An inhibition meant to smother that which guides us…Passion.”

“An established order amidst the chaos of creation! For whom are we to determine what shall and shall not be simply because we suffer losses before the torrential flames that carry your destiny within it’s wake. The flows of magic will resonate with their arrival. Countless gateways to the beyond will splinter open through the rifts of reality. Your baptists of flame shall usher forth the final hours long defied.

Death shall be the solution – A merciful offering to those whom harbor fortune. Spared of the destruction meant to clean the sins of lesser man.”

In but a few days time my oath will be held complete. Services pledged to the people of Quel’Thalas rendered and my mortal bonds cut loose. The sacrifices are great; my wealth, my title, a homeland – Even the women to whom I bare my heart. Though such losses were preordained some time ago by the long forgotten Order of the Rose.

“Information is our purpose. That is how we bloom.”

I shall descend the stairway to lands described as hells and revel in the darkness below. I shall stand before the twilight engraved vault and await the destiny granted to his tiny world… And at last inherit my divine reward, through the charred remains of those whom even still doubt what I possess.

“I exist in all things – split between worlds. I surprass reality and the laws governing life and death. I embody all that you fear. I am Anetho Luem’Ray Dawnpride – The Luminescent Revenge upon First Light. I am omnipresent and omnipotent, beyond time and space.

I Am The Harbinger Of Despair.


~ by anethodawnpride on September 28, 2013.

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