Crimson Confessions

“Forgive me sister, for I have sinned.”

I shift uncomfortably within the confession booth. The window blinds seperating us part and I am reassured by the confessor’s voice. “How long has it been since you’ve last cast your sins before the grace of the Light?” She inquires. “…Seven years, ten months and a handful of days.” I replay shamefully. “Time shall never be a cause that one may be denied redemption… Speak your sin and be cleansed of them by the grace of the Light.” I rest my back against the cushion and feel a sigh escape my lips. “I’ve… Killed for country – in the name of the Regent – on behalf of the people…. I have lied to the masses – families – friends – soldiers – strangers. Some have due in part to my words…”

“My friend; in the depths of my vault you will find it.” Anetho repeated cynically to the Fel Weaver foolish enough to believe he’d surrender the Tomb of One. “…But just what is ‘it’ hrm?” The other warlock’s eyes narrow in disgust. “Ah, you’ve already figured it out.” Anetho’s palms crackle with mana. “Power belongs only to those who can control it. Sadly you lack that control. Your lust to own it has drawn you into my domain – seeking to steal what I’ve claimed through blood, sweat, and tears. ” Felorius snorted. “You have no tears and little blood left to spill.”

Anetho simply smirked. “You would know, wouldn’t you? Sacrificing so much to prove a point – to prove me wrong. That you can amount to something beyond a bastard child. The offspring of a commoner. A beggar from the row. The result of rape, the unwanted abomination cast aside by his own mother.” His expression shifted to rage. A silhouette circled about, seeking to flank the Red Magister. Anetho directed his palm towards the inconsistent shape. Red tendrils formed about it and constricted. A female shriek pierced the air as the invisibility spell broke and a horrific female entity fluctuated into view. Moments later the malformed Succubus was borne back to it’s own realm.

The warlock hurled twin firebolts he’d been preparing all the while, they spiraled over each other as Anetho dove behind a pillar. They slammed against the far wall. Rubble flew everywhere leaving a dust cloud and massive gap in the underground sanctuary. “I know what you had in mind Felorius…” Anetho chided – his voice echoing magically to displace it’s origin. “Did you think I wouldn’t find out? Did you think -I- wouldn’t know?” He laughed maliciously. “I’ve been the one leading you and your whore astray this entire time…”

I continue to speak – feeling the weight of the true face of Silvermoon.”I have stolen from the long dead, the rich, destitute, powerful, righteous and depraved alike in pursuits of vengeance…” I pull the rose from my coat and idly pull at the petals. “I held no regard for the repercussions of my actions as I ascended them upon the social ladder alongside criminal cartels of ill-repute…” There is a moment of silence between the two of us as she speaks. Her voice is calm and sympathetic. “And you’ve taken the first steps to honoring their memories – in professing your sins you profess a vow not to repeat them to the best of your ability.”

Cielane gracefully eased herself within the fifth story window of the estate, working her way through the shadows to a plethora of  crystals maintaining a magical ward on the safe below. Anetho smirked as the magical barriers began to fade with each gem she removed and began to burn away the lock from the frame with his index finger. The metal began to glow a fierce orange as sparks danced from his finger tip. The door flew open behind him. “What the fel-!?”

A blade protruded from his jugular and he gagged on his last words as Cielane withdrew her dagger and licked the cold steel clean of his blood. She giggled in bliss as the future Red Magister continued in his affairs until at last the mechanism gave way and surrendered the priceless vase within. “This should suit Mister Black nicely. Deal with the body and let’s egress.”

“I’ve persecuted a people without care for their motives or beliefs. I… I slaughtered them. Women. Children. Everything to ever touch upon the name of Twilight’s Hammer I put to the torch. I obliterated, massacred and broke them in every method available to me.” I cast a few of the loose petals to the floor and close my eyes. I rest my head against the hard wood fo the confessor’s wall as I continue to lay the collective weight of my misdeeds at her feet. “The title I have been afforded in good faith has been abused maliciously in my efforts to find and remove that stigma…”

Anetho drops the gavel. “Order!” He demands, setting the wooden hammer aside and reviewing the courtroom documents, even though he’d already determined a verdict from the very moment the judicial council decided he would preside over this hearing. “In reviewing the testimonials offered today and examining the sworn statements of your neighbors – I can pronounce you, Eveline Sungazer, not guilty of murder.” The Elven female sighed in relief, turning to embrace her attorney. “Thank you!” She cried out to the Red Magister in joy.  “You are most welcome.” He replied in a gentle tone befitting a gracious man.

“…However…” He plucked his gavel up once again. During the course of this investigation his has been determined that you are guilty of conspiracy to commit espionage and other acts of treason as a member of the cult spreading their lies in the stree-” She grew pale. “No! No!” Eveline pleaded, her appointed defender drove his hand into the air. “OBJECTION!” he demanded. Anetho simply sneered. “Overruled. The council has already reached a verdict. This hearing is over unless you’d care for me to announce to your wife whom is present about your love affair with the very Twilight’s Hammer cultist that is sentenced to hang from the neck until dead – Wait I suppose I just did, didn’t I?” He slammed his gavel down. “Justice be done. This court is adjourned.” Eveline begged and pleaded as the guards carried her away. Her attorney fell before the chastising gaze of a lover scorned.

I rub at my temples and exhale once again. “I’ve had my own share of illicit affairs – even if consensual. I harbor few regrets in spending the night in a married woman’s arms…. Nor do I harbor guilt to those whom offered their permissions to engage in what most consider an immoral act.” I know that my tones indicate defensiveness, but I am firm in my beliefs that passions are not something to be ashamed of. “I have sacrificed much in the pursuit of power. People. Objects. Demons” I release a pulse of fel tainted mana into the air to further facilitate the point. She gives a small yelp of surprise. I continue – releasing the bare stem of my rose. “I have corrupted what once may have been pure. Committed blasphemous acts in the actions justified as being in the city-state’s interests. Now I prepare myself for the coming storm – hypocritically coming before this church now that it stands as a convenient moment to earn passage to a speculated paradise.” I fall silent, waiting for the confessor’s reply. “There are none beyond salvation for so long as they seek it honestly and show a sincerity to the church and the Light in their efforts to repent.” Her words ring in my ears, doubt stirring in my mind as I process them. “Blessed be.” I reply, leaving a tribute of coin in the booth as I depart.

“Your dreams, your world – it’s burning. Your soul is corrupted by vengeance. You seek it thus and take to the skies. You soar in a world that would abhor you and I.”

-Sunfury Interrogation  The Burning Crusade,  2007


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