*Adapted From RP Event Wtihin KKL

“I’m certain we’ve all pressing affairs to tender so I’ll be quick – I’m sure it’s come to mind that recent Alliance and Rebel attacks whilst in the field held a hint of… Insight. ” Anetho peered up at the Orcish grunts present, the mere sword arms invited to listen in – if only for the free ale he’d so ‘courteously’ provided. Melanoril was helping himself time and again to the melatonin laced liquor, and fatigue looked evident upon his face. Huoyue sat in a corner, quite content to avoid the table which some of the Legion’s finest congregated about.

“…That is to say, someone’s been feeding our enemies priviledged information from within our ranks. At the High Warlord’s behest I’ve conducted a series of investigations into the matter. Along the way I’ve made note that one of you in particular has noticed my findings and in turn sought to unravel me… But we’ll come to that momentarily.” Mognak looked over several of the documents present, most etched in Common.

“Your treacherous child has, through correspondence via paper and magic, been in constant contact with the Alliance information network – SI:7 – and an organization known as the Undercity Nexus. They’ve also shared intricate and sensitive notes with the Elven based Dawnfury Concordant. To understand their designs I first have to detail what they’ve sought and unveiled… If I may?” Everyone nodded, save for the grunts who still looked confused, still paying more heed to their mugs than to the man at the table.

“Some time following the loss of the Divine Bell meant to instill the Horde’s finest with strength unrivalled and the disapearance of Vol’jin – A keen interest was displayed as to a treasureburied within the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Our culprit shared in this interest and has moved effortlessly between Orgrimmar, the southern wastes, and Pandaria itself until he’d discovered what it was. Following his trail wasn’t difficult for he’d left behind a very distinct Fel aura in his wake.” He directed his index finger at Melanoril, smirking. He paused just a moment for effect.

“At first, I theorized it was Melanoril – he seemed the obvious choice, then my eyes fell upon our own General Voidhowl – but now I’ve concerns upon Fastril whom I’ve concluded by his comments and statements combined with outside inqueries as to be the one attempting to use me as a scapegoat.” Melanoril shook his head. “Or perhaps it could be you, using this to divert attention from yourself.” Anetho nodded. “It could be me, if not for the fact that I’ve first hand proof…” He set a crimson red scrying orb atop the table – the very same he’d held whilst convening with Huoyue. “This might be familiar to her…” He leered at the woman, a devious grin playing at his lips.

“I’ve also discovered our own Huoyue is in league with him – such is her interest in the Guard presence within the Vale.” Mognak drew the Pandaren woman closer to the table and made a few grunts regarding her interest in the matter, which Anetho completely neglected to pay attention to as he continued – motioning to a set of papers upon the table. Fastril ascended the stairs behind him. “…Ah excellent timing.” The Red Magister chided, as he stacked the papers neatly. “Just in time to answer for your-” Melanoril moved to claim another mug- only to fall over face first near the keg. “-Oh dear..” Fastril smirked. “..Lightweight.”

He twisted his index finger clockwise a moment, the scrying orb projecting an image of Huoyue as he bowed his head cheerfully. “…You’re the rebel.” The pandaren implied. “…Clearly the effects of the liquor weigh upon the lot of us… speaking of which, I’m going to play this for you whilst I… erm… Relieve myself.”

“DON’T LET HIM LEAVE THIS ROOM!” The pandaren cried alloud. “…Sorry, to slow.” The Red Magister smirked, vanishing in a bright flash of red mana. Seconds later, what would follow was the result of a high yield explosive tucked underneath the table – it’d been there the whole time. It threw the masses from their feet – several grunts blown to bits and showered with shrap metal.

…After waiting for so long – he’d finally played his hand…


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