Merely A Setback

“Of Mercy I know little more than how one spells it.”

Delays and set backs seem to be the order of the day… In fact the entire month has been comprised of nothing but procrastination, even if involuntary. I’ve been forced to further examine the mounting affairs regarding the inqueries made in me absence from the Legion. Naralae – A Dominion contact – has demonstrated herself to be a liability in confiding in (I suspect) Fastril, an ill tempered Felcaster of moderate skill. Whom else could it have been, especially with regard to his prompting the question of my days amongst the ranks of Tendael Dawnlight as I implicated Melanoril? In response I feel must quickly shuffle the deck.

My latest additions, Mirava and Detrien Dawnlight may prove useful in this matter if it grows exponentially in the next week. I don’t anticipate a full conclusion until my ‘report’ is given. Speaking of which… The package I’ve requested has also been withheld once again and I ponder if I will be forced to improvise… I should know better than to pay the Goblins in advance for work they’ve yet to complete. A learning experience, if ever there was one.

SI:7 has cut all contact as they prepare their naval fleets in the ports of Stormwind. This was expected. Much to my surprise though was the letter granting me clemency and citizenship if I so desired to resided within the realms of Wrynn. If everything falls apart it may soon prove the only option. Earstwhile there is still the matter of Szesstra, and that lingering sensation that she yet retains intentions for both myself and my beloved. To this end I’ve begun devising my own schemes. To beguile a demon is impossible. To kill one, improbable. Having done both is it a stretch to imagine I can accomplish something even greater? Not without greater power, perhaps… Magicks best tested in conflict.

Selanda has proven more trouble than she’s worth beyond a contract and beyond control – especially in her impersonations of me where I’ve requested, always teasing at my agendas. More worrisome is that she feeds on my dreams, inducing nightmares, craving the raw emotions that she claims “Only an Elf such as I am capable of.” Coming from anyone else that might be a compliment but from her… It is quite unsettling. She forces aspects of fear into the recesses of my mind, much as I do to others. Brings images to the forefront of my mind, fantasized and memory alike. Something has to be done about this. And I imagine I have just the solution.

So much in so short a time to accomplish…

“Everything will be tendered at once in a single, subtle stroke.”


~ by anethodawnpride on August 30, 2013.

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