Oath to Tomorrow

“Do you, Anetho Luem’Ray Dawnpride, take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to hold, for so many suns shall rise in your lifetime, ’till death do you part?” He smiled and replied without looking to the clergy man. “…I do.” The woman smiled beneath her veil, her red gown outshined by the glow of her flushed cheeks. “…You may kiss your bride, Magister.” Anetho wasted no time, taking her into his arms, bending her slightly at the waist and pressing his lips to hers passionately before the gathered masses. The dramatic display won quite the applause… and ire of the more reserved individuals present.

As he pulled her to her feet once more, she pressed her head to his chest, holding to the velvet red fabric that comprised his formal jacket. “….Red…” She whispered against his chest, a ripple running up her spine. “…Oh, the euphoria is just going to linger, I’m afraid darling.” He pointed to the gathered band, whom took their cue and began to play something upbeat and all-together foreign.

“You slay me, Red.” She giggled, taking his hand and luring him to the pavilion to attend the first dance, as was often customary. “…Darling, you’ll find I tend to lead an unforgiving onslaught of affection.” He chuckled, twirling her about by the wrist, leading her back towards his chest and warm embrace. “You’re terribly sweet.” She teased, pressing her lips to his tenderly, before swaying to and fro with the music once again. “…Just wait until our honeymoon.” He replied suggestively, spinning her about once again, only to find himself bent at the waist with her looking over him. “…Or perhaps… I shan’t need to wait at all.” He smiled, as she leaned into his lips.

She pulled him to his feet and they found themselves beset now by the other party goers at last. “Magister, I think she’s got the reigns on you. Didn’t think anyone would pull you in.” An associate chided from nearby. “…Only in bedroom politics, you’ll find I still run the parlor.” Another laughed nearby. “I think she’ll have you broken-in within hours.” The Red Magister laughed heartily, caught in blissful humor. “Like you found yourself broke at the card table last month?” He weaved through the merry throngs, twisting at her whimsies, dancing to an empty table where they sat and observed the festivities a moment.

“…I never liked weddings.” He confessed to her. “Why not?” She inquired of him and his rather spontaneous comment. “…I wasn’t the center of focus.” He chuckled. “And this one?” She leered at him, a subtle smile forming at her lips. “…This one I enjoyed thoroughly.”

-Adapted from RP ~ All my love to The Burning Crusade of Long Ago

A fortunate turn of events has twisted the folds of fate as if to tell me I am indeed touched by the Gods! Tendael Dawnlight had a son! This very progeny stands at his vigil at the head of the Dominion of the Sun. Furthermore, the one responsible for my rather dishonorable departure has resigned his commission in shame. I predicted as much, didn’t I? I could scarcely contain my humor. We entreated each other a moment and I discovered that they’d been making plans to venture forth into Durotar. The Young Dawnlight told me that when they played their hand, the world would know. I see in him so much of his father, it brings tears to the forefront of my eyes. I swore before him that the words cast to his father, in turn are inherited by the son. As his father was to me, I shall be to him. In this way, I think I’ve honored one of my few true friends. I know him to be smiling down upon me from the heavens he now resides.

Anetho cast his eyes to the ground in shame, upon realization of just whom he was talking to. The cynicism departing from his expression and words entirely. “…I… I appologize for what happened to your father. The projectile destined for him should have been mine, had I not taken leave as I had to foresee my own agendas… I failed him in my oath. He was my shepard. My vigil. My friend…”

I’ve allowed the Kor’Kron insight into the information filtering through their crevices, and sworn before them that I’ll find the source – even as it is closer to them than they’d realize. When the time is right, they will taste of nightshade and misery as such they’ve wrought throughout the fields. I’m going to call a meeting of the minds in due course, and with their mugs full, their eyes wide, and their ears easily tantalized I will cripple an entire regiment’s leadership. By the time they realize what had transpired, I’ll have been long gone for the shores of Pandaria. This ‘delivery’ that is constantly alluded to demands investigation.

Perhaps when all is at last put to an end – When I’ve no longer any need to wear masks of fate or prophecy. When Orpheus is allowed to perish, not even his name remembered… I will be granted peace of mind, clemency, and an exceptionally wondrous new beginning beyond politics.

“Now the question has been raised – I know – as to just why it is that one such as myself would risk everything; pride, reputation, well being, love, fortune, land, and posterity. Why I would not simply sit down quietly like so many within this very office, cower behind my desk and title like the many pricks that fill these halls. Yes, I’m looking right at you with no shame in my heart or eyes because I do what you are AFRAID to do… I dream. That’s right, I DREAM! I dream of a tomorrow! A world in which we stand atop the broken ashes of misdeed and injustice as the world power we once were, nay, infinitely superior to our forefathers in every manner! I grasp this dream, I swear an oath and I tarry on unlike you cowards. I uphold my Oath to Tomorrow!”


~ by anethodawnpride on August 19, 2013.

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