I slept peacefully for the first time in years. Nearly eight hours, uninterrupted. I suspect it is due in part to the dream that came to me as if a premonition. She was there – My darling Kuvasei. Bound in blankets, her warmth spreads quickly across my figure. My arm slips under her breasts as I lean over and press my lips to her cheek, her chin, her neck, going lower still. I press my head upon those lovely pillows she carries effortlessly upon herself, and lose myself. Her hands flow through my hair. She gasps at my touch, her lips pulling into a smile hinting at even more devious thoughts.

Was it a dream, or did I simply teleport to her bedroom that night? Whichever it was – I know that I woke alone to the harsh reality that borders overhead. I’ve initiated the first phase of my plan already, pushing a few of their numbers into the field, that I can call a summit meeting amongst the hierarchy. The Death Knights will be all I need worry over, as the living will find themselves quite susceptible to the poisons of my treachery. Even if they stand within this regiment – I imagine I’ll have dealt a significant enough blow to move freely unto at least three or four more brigade elements and rain fire upon them. By my hopeful guess, I should be able to strike thirty down at a time…. Pending nothing goes wrong…

A peaceful retreat to Pandaria – whereupon I will sit in the serenity of the vale for a time, and observe the actions of kin and country. Mayhap I’ll board with Astoreth… Though I doubt she’ll be -that- generous with her space. It’d certainly be a better bonding experience for my father-in-law of coming days….

…That Half-Mad Ranger…  I’ve not yet forgotten the predictions cast your way in light of dreams and meditations. I don’t imagine you have, either. That Island will indeed be your end – but in just what way, I ponder?


~ by anethodawnpride on August 16, 2013.

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