Crimson Tides of Obsession

Blood. Rage. Despair? Escape? Love. Fear. Loathe. Manipulation. Sariane. Twilight’s Hammer. Fel Fire. Sunwell. Home. Wife. Regret. Fate. Orpheus. Blade. Death Knight. Arthas. Asleon. Lordaeron. Clergy. Light. Afterlife. Orgrimmar. Thrall. Vol’jin. Future? Silvermoon. Peace? Stormwind. Quel’dorei. Liaskar. Memory. Legacy. Children. Daughters. Betrayl. Neeshaka. Palamecians. Mourning. Lust. Recreation. Lick. Rend. Tear. Bite. Rebuke. Whip. Sex. Mana. Gold. Manor. Liquidate. Retreat. Marriage. Uncertainties. Revolution. Theron. War. Orphans. Deficit. Negotiation. Artifacts. Power. Torture. Flee. Paranoid? Demons. Succubus. Sresstra. Salvation? Gallows. Satisfaction. Dreams. Nightmares. Memories? Runeblade. Alliance. Pocket Watch. Chronomancy? Stratholme. Devotion. Fury. Scotch. Whiskey. Gin. Drown. Powder. Cigar. Vice? Despise. Husband. Dawnpride? Meaning? Names. Daughter. Darkness. Fatigue. Bedroom. Distance. Friend? Deceased. Infuriating. Powerless. Hopeless. Hellscream. Resolution. Twilight Hour. Bleak. Overcome. Creation. Alteration. Moonwell. Tomb of One. The Sha. Pandaria. Kor’Kron. Old Gods? Fools. Ragefire? Juggernaut? Formidable. Love Ache? Believe. Faith. Past. Present? What am I? 7th Regiment? What am I? Confusion. Distraught. Loss. Where? Body? Male. Soul? Female. Why? How? Answers!? Claustrophobia. Clutter. Grasp. Confidence. Infinite reach. Treason. Murder. Desires? Rings. Hope? Her. Shatter. Siege. Red. Airship. Survive? Polyamorous? Real love? Fatal. Lethal. Magistrate. Retirement. Pray? Pacts. Matrimony. Family? Tremble. Fright.



~ by anethodawnpride on July 18, 2013.

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