Orpheus;Voices of Fate

“Mo’jushu bein’ a frein’ o’ a frein’ bruddah.”

After what feels an eternity, I’ve moved the first pawn upon the chessboard that is this revolution. The Kor’Kron will know of these rebels, and the rebels will suspect a spy amongst themselves, holding to the a copy of documentation implicating me through their ‘would-be-spy’, and my less than credible persona of a Troll. They will likely seek me out and provide no scarce amount of physical reprisal. It will be then that I reveal a simple truth; That they’ve allies everywhere. That they do not stand alone, and that their time shall come. After all, as Orpheus exists in more than one voice so to must there be more than one rebellious element. Naturally I will implicate a few of those present whom I managed to ascertain the names of… But the more important individuals and figureheads will be spared the martyr’s edge.

I wonder though, if they will make the connection to the Magister recently appointed to the Kor’Kron’s number in time, as they plan to deploy to a yet undisclosed location that I am obligated to follow. I can only divide so many resources. Regardless there is the need to pass the mask around, to consider the teachings of fate in an even greater number. Beyond pen and paper t’is time Orpheus emerged from the sea of everyone’s soul. The harbinger of tomorrow’s despair will circle this globe in but days. The hour is late, and there are no further divergent paths that need tendered. What transpires now, will dictate the direction of the winds to follow.

Thou art I, and I am thou.”


~ by anethodawnpride on June 19, 2013.

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