Laid To Rest

“Tell me truthfully, Dawnpride. Was that whole funeral affair a facade, or am I mistaken in the fact that you actually cared for that peasant? Surely those tears were forced.” Anetho never induldged him with an answer, the air taking his hair and throwing it wildly about as if a cape. It shimmered as if gold in the sunlight. The faintest traces of mana coalescing along those blonde locks as he looked over the tombstones marking his wife and child of two months. “…My Gods you truly did… And you seem so surprised at their loss. What did you think was going to happen, Magister? Did you just expe-” The length of golden blonde began to shimmer as a haze of mana warped it into a bloody crimson, silencing Felorius in his passive taunts at the spectacle. “…If wish to keep harping, I’ll make use of that spade they neglected to take with them… Now leave me in solitude before I lose myself upon you.” His words were not filled with rage, or threats of violence, but an indifference that twisted at Felorius’ innards inspiring dread.

I was granted one day’s leave of absence. Strange that as the hours grow late and I cannot bring myself to stand within the confines of my estate that I should wander to this secluded cemetery. I’d changed out from the uniform and decadence that mark me as a Magister amongst my peers in favor of a simple shirt and leggings. My feet marched upon their own accord, my ears ignoring the biting comments as I passed the nobles of Fairbreeze of how much like a commoner I looked.

I halted before the markers reading in memorandum for my dearest Theala. My darling Ayaka. My knees buckled beneath the weight of my body and I collapsed. My eyes could fight back the tides no longer and I fell upon the soil that held the remains of my cherished ones, sniffling and wailing as if a child. I pressed my face against the plot where she was lowered to rest, my right hand clutching to the grass overgrowing along the ground whereupon my daughter sleeps.

I remained like that for some time. I asked for them to speak to me now as they do in my dreams. I asked for them to forgive me, but all I could hear were my own pleas of validation and the birds of Eversong. I lost control of myself, my composure, myself. I’ve not set forth upon this land since the very day I cast the first handful of dirt overtop their casket. Perhaps I am simply falling to insanity.

The sun set itself and the moon had risen long before I had pulled myself to my feet. I feel lighter now, perhaps. As if I’ve less tension upon my chest. Why I’d even gone there, how I even got there, are mysteries to me. Though they say everything happens for a reason.


~ by anethodawnpride on June 17, 2013.

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