Shadows of War

Not one foot in Orgrimmar!” Was the last I had to say on the matter with Astoreth and Illenna in the end; for if one involves herself, the other will follow and eventually that means Kuvasei and Westel will take to the field. I already know what manner of hell that would unleash… I’ve encouraged much the same of nearly all I share lineage with. They all need to start funnelling from the fortress city of the Orcs. The only ones that remain are the loyalists; typically rebellious youths that find themselves inclined to violence, or women whom whore themselves to the Orcs on a regular basis to satiate their baser desires beyond the concerns of our people as a whole.

I’d sent word to Kuvasei in a way I suspect will best distance her from Orgrimmar… Or draw her closer than ever have I wished anyone. The Darkspear rebellion is in full swing, with support from my allies within SI:7 and the Alliance champions alongside them. I imagine the Kor’Kron have their hands full in the Barrens, I’m told that the casualties are many. I have yet to personally pay the field any mind, thinking it best perhaps if I hinder the Orcish legions from within.

I’ve orchestrated this plan perfectly from the very begining. The demotion to military affairs fit snugly with the assignment to Orgrimmar as a ‘tactician’ couldn’t have fit a better time frame. I’ve proven myself before them as best I am able, rooting out the less vital dissentive elements and using them to further my own prestige and repute. The time is rapidly approaching when a united offensive will be launched, and I mean to make it as smooth a transition as I might. Until then, I’m as loyal to Hellscream as the brainless twits that make up his inner circle.

If I’m afforded the oppertunity though, the chance to drip my poisons upon his lips; Even at the cost of my own life I will swoop upon it like the eagle it’s prey. Theron is taking his time, massing his troops and setting his contigencies. I’m the stigma eating it from within. Which looks as if it is accomplishing the most, I wonder?


~ by anethodawnpride on May 28, 2013.

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