The Price of Power

“…Fuck you.” Anetho mumbled to the deceased woman before him, in a passive tone that hinted at indifference more than rage. “…I loved you, Mariane. I surrendered everything for you… And you can not content yourself upon my heart, but you must rip the very child you yourself brought into this world with the dagger in your own hand…” He looked to a cradle, not a tear to spare as he watched the blood drip to the floor in place of sorrow. “…You’ve only opened a void… You only prove that I’ll never be satiated. That I’m to be denied the luxuries of life that those whores, politicians, and commoners enjoy so freely… They display their prizes, children and wives… as if gaudy trophies. I hear how they whisper of my mannerisms… Of my ill-fated marriages… I hear them even now, gossiping over this horrific affair.” He took a knee to pry the Elementium dagger she’d had clutched in her hand, with the intent of ending her husband’s life. “…And what they’ll say when I, in turn, destroy everything you ever held sacred. That is the love I had for you. The very foundation of the stigma you’ve just unleashed upon your own…” He whispered, kissing at her still warm and lively lips. “…You’ve killed Anetho Dawnpride. The monster within now holds free reign.”


What is the price of power? This is a question seldom asked, but an answer so very frequently provided. Pain. Sacrifice. Tragedy. Malice. Indifference. Death.

Ayaka. Ashlotte. Meisha. My darling daughters, denied the joys of life. Never to know the love of a family, nor even the appreciation of solid foods. Never would I be afforded the pleasure of running those men whom would court my children off with the tip of an arrow. I would not have a moment’s reprieve through their laughter as we shared in a moment of familial bonding. My parties would be devoid of any true beauty, my treasures but mere garbage by comparison to what tiny feet would scurry about my halls mischieviously… I see you three so often in my dreams that it is haunting. You are cradled in your mother’s arms, and each look down upon me in shame as I fall before their condescending eyes. I haven’t any tears to shed, nor have I any excuses to offer. The fault is mine that you and they are gone. I didn’t have enough foresight to anticipate the when or where. But I will always remember the why.

“You’re changing, Red.” She whispered in his ear. “…There’s something dark in me, Theala..” He wrapped his arms about himself tightly. “It’s trying to eat it’s way past the thin bindings you enthrall me with..” She nipped at his neck. “Then we’ll just hold it even tighter..” She replied, wrapping her hands about his own, drawing him into a tight embrace.

I love you, Red.”

I know that you must be dissapointed in your father, girls. The terrible rage he’s swept across the world with. The fires he’s brought into every dry field, the earth he’s salted in a blind fury. The lives he’s destroyed in retaliation for his own suffering. Hatred begets only hatred. Death begets only death. I cannot break the cycle! I try so desperately to cage the animal within! But it keeps ripping me apart! It speaks in my place as if that is truly the creature I am! The weapon the Twilight’s Hammer forged me to be! And it is all I can do to hold to your images in my head and steady my hand.

“We the council of Silvermoon, find the defendants; Claude Van Sheizer, Abrilen Feathermore, Jelian Rosenbaum, Loreth Blackmaw, Zhegast Deatheater, Evan Philborne, Lisa Duskborne, Gripps Burnout, and all those falling under their subsequent leadership; Guilty of all charges.”

He slammed his gavel against the hard wood sounding their immediate demise with a satisfied grin. “By the power granted those of us upon this Judicial Council we hereby sentence the Twilight Conspirators to be hung by the neck until dead. Following their execution their bodies will be cremated and the ashes scattered to the winds. No funeral services are to be rendered.”

“Magister Daw-” Anetho shot Ithilien a very malicious look. He almost shook with fear. “…We..We the council have spoken. Justice be done.” Ithilien could scarcely believe the words leaving his mouth, was he truly so shaken to his very core by this -one- man?

I look now to the horizons of this arid desert… As the sun rises and marks a new day. A new dawn. A new era. I must find the solace I seek, or be damned by the collective weight of my failures. I must be free of this post traumatic sensation that afflicts me. I must see this path of redemption and retribution fulfilled.


~ by anethodawnpride on May 26, 2013.

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