“…It begins…I say unto you, give me freedom, or deliver death upon swift wings. For the Horde! The -true- Horde! -OUR- HORDE!”

May. 21, 2013    Chapter 6 Finale; Betrayl


To Whom It May Concern;

I have adopted the colors of our ancestral warriors. I take the battle into the open amongst once hated enemies. Our focus alligns and I may now become the instrument of both retribution and diligence that you may not.

I will be the vanguard of our wrath. I will plow the fields that you may reap a fertile crop when at last your season comes to pass. I know what I pursue to be just in my heart. Just as I know that the sacrifices to be made will not be cast in vain. Even as I must raise spell and blade against those once looked upon as comrades.

I trust each and every one of you, to do what you must. We have passed the dawn of a new age. It has all lead to this. Theramore, Domination Point, Darnassus and the Ancient Bell, even the Purge of Dalaran and the events of the Island of Thunder. Fate has weaved it all effortlessly together, despite the many setbacks that seemed to present themselves.

While these tempestuous pacts are prone to the violent impulses of the few, SI:7 operatives won’t risk to much as they seek to stoke the embers, inciting what they believe to be the Horde fighting itself. You can depend on our unlikely allies.

Orgimmar will burn beneath our flames. Drown upon the blood of it’s defenders. Shake with the might of our judgement. Break before the storm that is our conviction. When at last everything has been broken and the last rampart lies silent; The Warchief will be allowed to die a coward’s death.


Glory to the Sin’dorei.




~ by anethodawnpride on May 22, 2013.

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