She still looks up to me in pursuits of power, and I long ago ceased in such ventures.

Nov. 7, 2012  Chapter 6 “Betrayl”

Kuvasei was beautiful. It wasn’t something he felt she took strides to ensure, but rather one of those marvellous few not dolled up behind a layer of cosmetics and six inches of lipstick. It was the strangest thing to hold her so near. Whispering in her ear, biting at her neck, and those lips… he could not get enough of them.

He sat in her lap, one arm slipping around her waist. His legs cast to the side of the couch. A sensation of comfort relaxing him as they laughed over the matter. Secrets traded between kisses, revelations surrendered, walls shattered. “…Just who are you?” She had asked. “You wish to know the answer to the greatest secret in all Quel’Thalas? Then I shall tell you the Gods’ honest truth..” He pulled his collar open, speaking as though one telling a thrilling tale to a child. “I am the son of very wealthy people, sadly they’re all dead… I’ve lived in every capital city, collecting jewels, hunting large game with the Nessingwary expedition, even paint a little…” She smirked, poking him in his side. “Alright.. alright..” He told her of his origins. His name. His passions.

Years of lies. Nearly a decade of secrets. And now she knew just who Anetho Dawnpride really was. But even with that knowledge came the revelation that there was so much more she did not know. That she would never be privy to. Another exchange of intimacies, his hands against her face. Burning passions rising to engulf one another, her fingers tracing outlines along his chest.

“Why did you seduce my mother?” She asked, applying her lips to his forehead. “…She is jealous of you. Envious that you possess me. I made this point clear.” He nuzzled against her. “..Why are you tearing them apart?” His fingers laced themselves with hers. “…Whatever damage the ripples I form happens to enact… it only presses against cracks formed long before I was involved.” Did she even care for these answers, he asked himself. What person would cling to the source of such ire?

Her time was nearly spent. Her thoughts drifted to anxiety A stigma beyond magic eating away at her. She confided in him. He thrived on her trust. It filled a hunger that had long plagued him. And it sparked an idea. He had ripped through the past in seconds and came before a treasure once as vital to his survival as it was to his desires. He surrendered it to her. “…Cling to this in times of duress… it will still your mind. Give you something to focus upon..” He released it slowly, almost reluctant to hand over the faintly glowing vial, laced with threads connected by a clasp.

He drew her into an embrace and she fell into his arms, nearly in tears. There she remained for a moment. A brief eternity. “I’m disappointed. You didn’t use any rope.” She giggled. “Thats the third date.” They parted and he held the door open for her. He retained a smile right up until he shut it behind her. His hands moved instinctively to his mouth, pressing his back to the door. He slid to his rear, wracked in the throngs a violent coughing fit.


~ by anethodawnpride on May 8, 2013.

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