“You wish to kn…

“You wish to know of the Sha? Perhaps I’ll introduce you to my other half and he may better explain it.”

Chapter 1 “The Sha”

He found himself going about the usual routines. Strolling through Eversong at a liesurely pace after a hard day’s work within the political battlefield that was the Sunfury Spire. Enjoying the song of the birds above, the temperate air filling his lungs, and the harmony of the lake audibly flowing past the road towards his estate. He had walked this road many times before. It seemed as familiar to him, as the back of his hand. Yet today, it brought with it a sense of unease. His stomache was tight, as though he were to be sick.

Anetho tossed and turned. Groaning as he was caught in the throngs of another nightmare. Sweat drenched his bare body and caused his silk sheets to cling to his figure as he rolled to the side. His breathing had become tense and labored. The breeze from the open window did little to cool or comfort him. Detached from reality, and he knew what was to play about in his mind as it had over and over for the past several years.

He arrived at the gate of his three-story estate, foliage looking flawless and pristine. His wife had just finished watering the roses leading up the walkway to the archway that marked the entrace to his abode. He inhaled deeply of the scent that filled the air so ostentatiously about him, filled with bliss. Though the sensation was quickly replaced with a lingering sense of dread. 

His lower lip trembled in place, and his ears flicked sporatically. Trapped within a cage from which there was no escape. Tendrils of silky white slowly wrapped about his body, emerging from various points of contact from his abdominal region. Even as he was unaware his subconsciousness fought back. Trying to rouse him from the horrors that visited him with displeasing frequency. He whimpered, and rolled onto his other side.

He rested his hand on the doorknob, cast entirely of pure silver, and entered into his domicile. It was oddly silent today. There were no cries from his daughter, nor lullabies whispered melodically from his betrothed. Had she left and taken Ayaka wth her? The thought had crossed his mind, as he made his way to the pantry. Everything sat as it had before. Nothing disturbed since he left. The loaf of bread remained whole and untouched. The bottle of milk, unopened. Even the banana he had procured for his newborn child, rested as ripe and pure as it had when he left it there that morning. He called out for his wife, and there was no answer.

The energies pulled tightly at his figure, thriving upon the buildup of anxiety and despair growing within his psyche. The Sha that clinged to him as if a disease, growing more powerful and exerting it’s presence with every passing second that he remained enclosed in the realm of dreams. Feeding upon his torment, a figure began to manifest, towering over him. A face, twisted and malicious, slowly materialized and began snarling at him as if enjoying it’s host’s duress.

Anetho scratched at the back of his head, a ripple of unease striking it’s way along his spine. As if death had just walked over his grave. He tore through his abode, shoutting their names, the echo of his own voice, the only reply. Throwing open the door to the lounge, his study, and even the bathroom, he could find nothing. Frantically he ascended the stairs, rushing towards his bedchambers. The encased the entirity of the third floor. What he found, as he crawled to the very top was indescribably horrid.

Anetho’s mouth opened, and erupted into a violent and pained groan of protest. The Sha entity encircling him as though a snake, hovering about the man in anticipation. Growing more and more corporeal by the second. The energies almost fully encompassing his body. Crushing, and unforgiving.

There they were, laying upon a blood soaked bed. His wife’s intestines hanging idle from the chandelier above. Her body bare, and mutilated, entrails hanging lazily from her abdomin where they had been ripped. Intricate carvings made upon her flesh. Eyes ripped from their sockets, fingernails lifted from their post. His body shook with unconsolable despair. Sorrow filtering from his eyes like an unforgiving waterfall. Cradled in her arm as if positioned by a tailor looking to peddle his wares, was his daughter. Her throat slit and arms folded along her blood stained shirt. The drapes of the large bed were torn, and ravaged. Upon the far wall, drawn in blood, was the crest he was all to familiar with. The insignia of the Twilight’s Hammer. He didn’t register it was even there, until perhaps, half an hour later.

He quivered at the Sha’s influence, lashing about in his bed viciously. The beast lingering beyond his reach, still encircling it’s victim. It’s energies becoming more and more dominant. Threatening to overtake the tragic Sin’dorei. Tears mingled with sweat as the hellish display replayed in his mind.

His mournful disposition was replaced with rage. Unrivalled, uncontrollable rage. Whatever measures he took to conceal the nature of his mana dissipated. Flames born of mana wrapped at his palms, and engulfed his body before being channeled into an ear shattering explosive bolt of pure and unrelenting chaotic energies. It collapsed the roof of the building upon the chamber, igniting the very stone, and drapes in flames almost instantly. He turned to descend the stairs he had bounded up so vigorously, and found himself walking at a snails pace. The carpet along the floor taking to the pyre as his feet made contact. As he passed the corridor to the second floor, several bolts of concentrated pyromancy ripped through it, enveloping the entire level with the unconsolable agony he felt. He passed through the first floor, stopping but a moment to gaze at the family portrait that he had comissioned, hanging to one side over the lounge. The reality that she was dead, setting in, and only furthering his resolve, as he exited the rapidly unstable building that had contained his whole world.

He cried out in horror, falling from his bed with a violent ‘thud’. Still he could not wake as the creature snapped at his antics. Taunting him. He languished upon the hard tile, tossing this way and that. Mana radiating from him so radiantly that anyone could have felt it within fifty miles of his location.

The heat of the flames was intense, as they licked at the architecture of a very recent addition to Eversong’s backdrop. Smoke rose towards the heavens as if with divine purpose. To the eyes of the beholder, it seemed as if ferrying the souls of his dearly deceased into the hereafter. Turning away from the funeral he’d conjured of tempestuous emotions, his agony had been replaced by resolve. That he would do everything and anything it took, to seek revenge. To finish the journey he had begun and forgotten about. He would kill them. All of them. He whispered to himself, a silent pact. The day was born of fire, and it would end in the charred remains of all that he resented.

“NO!” He cried out suddenly, shooting upright. The creaturing hissing violently as it dissipated. Locking eyes with the Sin’dorei but a moment before fading away entirely. “You will not have my suffering! You shall not take away my hatred! My rage! T’is I all I have mongrel!” He stood tall, even as his legs shook. “I am the master of my fate, not some parasitic entity! I will decide how to live and how to die. Not -you-. Not -them-!”  He proclaimed, looking himself in the face through the nearby mirror. “I stand by those whom I protected. I will remain at the post of those I’ve sworn fealty. You will not guide me back down that road, creature.”


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