The Game Of Intrigue

It didn’t take much to navigate the Ranger where he wished him to go. The fact that he’d assaulted him within view of his scrying orbs only served to speed his machinations along and eliminated a great deal of legal complications. “…It is well worth it…” he had said, though little did he know a legal representative was waiting upon the opposite of Anetho’s crystal, when confronted about appealing a fine associated with his prior assault upon the Magister.

For all of his malicious designs however, there was no genuinely distasteful thoughts to follow behind them. In fact all he’d had in mind was to keep Westel safely tucked away where he would be neither a nuisance, or a target. That was the pact he’d forged with Astoreth in days gone by. That was the promise made to Kuvasei. “…You clearly have no idea the forces you deal in… I do not act out of malevolent designs…In time, you will understand.” was all he bothered to elaborate. Even now he lined the pockets and massaged the ears of his associates within the Magistrate. His only thought was in keeping this brazen, mentally unstable pup off the streets until after the culmination of the Regent Lord’s gambit. Then Westel’s fate would hang upon the answer to a single question. The predictions of fate’s masked herald would be upheld upon his epitaph… or Anetho would have a ranger in his pocket as well.


~ by anethodawnpride on May 6, 2013.

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